How to Have a Pretty Committee Sleepover

Have you ever been bored on a Friday night? Wished that you had something amazing to do? Well, who better to look to than the Pretty Committee's alpha Massie Block for inspiration? Massie always holds an ultra exclusive (strict GLU policy) sleepover, and you can do the same!


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    Set a specific date, time, and place for your sleepover. Massie has sleepovers every Friday night. You can have them on any day you want. Parents want you to get a good night's sleep on school nights, so Friday and Saturday are good. Tell the guests the time to be at your house. Be super exclusive and only invite your clique. You wouldn't want to dish gossip and secrets with anyone else, right? Keep your limit on guests to 3 or 4. More than that could cause too much drama. Though the sleepover should be exclusive, a lot of people should know about it.
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    Hold your sleepover in a large area where you usually hang out with your friends. This could be your bedroom, entertainment room, or basement. Let the room feel like a getaway. Put vanilla scented candles in safe places around the room to set the mood. Parents might not want you to have candles, so if that sounds too dangerous, simply spray Vanilla scented room spray or perfume before the guests arrive. Don't overdo it though - you don't want the guests to choke! Lavender sheet spray is also provided for the sleeping bags at Massie's sleepovers. If you have enough money you can buy each guest a nail polish or something and put it on their sleeping bag. To give a five star feel, put chocolates or Andes mint chocolates on the pillows. Also, have the lights dimmed a little bit if you have a dimmer switch in your room. Bring your pet if she'll stay - don't force her! (that's obnoxious x10). Make sure none of your friends are allergic. Tell your family members to try to keep from coming in your room and interrupting your sleepover.
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    Set up the sleeping bags in a cool arrangement, preferably a "flower" pattern, with your heads in the middle. This allows easy snacking, and more importantly, gossiping! Also, everyone is surrounded by friends and no one is on the edge.
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    Make the bathroom fresh. Put lit scented candles (if it's OK with your parents) in the bathroom, make sure the soap container is full, and keep fresh towels in the bathroom. Only put shampoo, conditioner, and body wash that you want the guests to use in the shower/tub. Avoid confusion by not making guests feel overloaded by tons of old, raunchy containers of shampoo. Also, give the bathroom a spritz of room spray to match the candles' scent. Make sure that you're close to the bathroom so it allows easy bathroom breaks and no rushing.
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    If you want, think of a cool theme or activity for each sleepover. Some examples are camping (like in book 5, "The Pretty Committee Strikes Back," Massie has a camping themed sleepover complete with fresh pine scented room spray, a fake plastic campfire, glow-in-the-dark stars hanging from the ceiling, a CD player playing fake cricket noises, and dimmed lights). Plan some ideas for fun, such as: Would You Rather?, Wear or Dare, Truth or Dare, Twister, etc. Add any fun games that you can think of that match your sleepovers theme. Play popular music all night long (you can make a playlist before the sleepover). Keep recent magazines handy.
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    The PC is known for their amazing fashion sense. Why not have a fashion show? If you want to spend some extra time with your clique, go shopping with them and try on different outfits for the fashion show. Or, have your clique bring clothes that they don't want, and spice them up for a fun craft. Walk on the "runway" and take plenty of pictures. Try bring clothes that are cute, but don't work on you. You and your friends can trade them.
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    If you have a desktop and/or laptop (like Massie), take both funny and adorable pictures. Later (either later that night or the next day), post those pictures in a special album on Facebook or another social network. Beware: LBRs may become jealous!
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    No movies allowed! Massie specifically said in "Invasion of the Boy Snatchers" that DVDs are off limits at her sleepovers. You can watch movies on nights when you are alone.
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    Have amazing food. Put all of the best snacks on a large table in the main room. Have a snack bowl for each guest full of their favorites. Usually, Massie serves sparkling cider. Always have a second drink choice (like soda) for picky guests. Make sure you have healthy snacks AND junk food. Everyone needs sugar to stay up, and healthy snacks to stay fit. Make sure the food is fine for everyone to eat (No meat if you have a vegetarian friend; No animal products if you have a vegan friend; Low sugar if you have a diabetic friend; nothing any of your friends are allergic to)
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    Try not to fall asleep first. You will seem boring and just not fun! Try to stay awake at least until one person has drifted off. That way you won't miss out on any gossip or pranks! Have a drink with caffeine ready!
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    The next morning, make sure that there is a nice breakfast for your friends such as pancakes, bagels, fruit salad, etc. Smoothies are quick, easy, and healthy, so use that as a drink, perhaps. You can make most of these before the sleepover - just leave them in the fridge overnight.
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    As each of the girls leave, give them a cute party favor, like a tube of lip gloss, a key chain with a picture of you and her in it, chocolates, and most importantly, something you made at the sleepover (if you made something!
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    Have fun and be nice. The PC is cruel, but you shouldn't be.


  • Some signature things (activities, pre-sleepover rituals, invites, etc.) are always fun. Shopping trips, mani/pedis, or going to Starbucks are cool outings for before the actual sleepover.
  • Get all of the things you need the day before, that way you won't be rushing around everywhere on the day of the sleepover, and be too tired to do anything once your friends get there.
  • Make a playlist of some popular songs and play them at your sleepover.
  • NEVER let your clique get bored. Make sure everyone is always entertained.
  • Don't do things your parents don't allow. If you do you will get in trouble and they won't let you have anymore sleepovers.
  • Always wear super cute pajamas that are at least a 9.2!
  • When planning, ask yourself - WWMD?: What would Massie do?


  • Don't be too exclusive and not invite some of your clique members!
  • You are allowed to gossip some, but don't tell secrets to someone about someone else who is at the party.
  • If you do use candles, make sure there's good ventilation and that your parents are fine with it.
  • LBR's who aren't invited may become jealous.
  • Do not decorate with bright colors and pastels. It will look tacky!

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