How to Have a Perfect Christmas

Two Parts:Preparing Your Home Space for ChristmasCelebrating Christmas

Have your Christmas experiences to date been quite good but not really as great as you'd like them to be? Having the "perfect" Christmas is really about getting into the Christmas spirit, decorating well and honoring what the occasion is really all about. It is also about not getting into debt or going over-the-top with your expectations, for "perfect" is a rather unrealistic standard to set, especially since it ends up being dependent on so many other people and factors!

Part 1
Preparing Your Home Space for Christmas

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    Start by decorating your home and putting up a Christmas tree. Decorate the tree, wardrobes/sideboards, furniture, cabinets, drawers, windowsills and doors (especially the front door), etc. Drape tinsel neatly around your television or photo frames, or you could put fairy lights on your stair banisters.
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    Decorate your traditional or modern Christmas tree. On the tree, hang baubles, fairy lights, tinsel and a star or fairy or maybe even an angel on top. Stick to a theme on the tree, like red and gold, or blue and silver, for the best look. Decorate the tree carefully, with a plan in mind.
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    Buy some Christmas CDs or download some Christmas tunes. Play them in the car or when doing housework, etc. Keep the Christmas music playing through the house up to and including Christmas Day.
    • Keep it at a soft level when people are over for drinks, nibbles and meals.
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    Set up for the Christmas meal. With the Christmas dinner, put out party poppers, Christmas crackers and silly string. Give each guest two glasses (one for wine and the other for soft drink or water etc.) The traditional main meal is a roast turkey or goose/chicken, but you can have any or no meat if you prefer. Traditionally served with roast potatoes, Brussels sprouts, small sausages wrapped in bacon or any trimmings you like. But really, all sorts of Christmas meals are okay nowadays, so look on Pinterest or Google Images for inspiration as to what to cook or buy in for your Christmas meal.

Part 2
Celebrating Christmas

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    Remember that Christmas isn't about things, money or showing off. It's about Christ, and his birth. He had his family with him, and that's the perfect in Christmas. It doesn't matter if you have a million presents, if you're with your family, then that's the best thing about Christmas.
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    Get into the Christmas spirit. Understand that Christmas is all about the Christmas spirit and without Christmas spirit, there wouldn't be Christmas at all. It is also good on Christmas Day to remember why you actually love Christmas, for without the family, friends and love, you wouldn't have Christmas and everything related. Christmas is a time that lightens up winter for those in the northern hemisphere, the cold weather and the darkness. For those celebrating a summer Christmas, it's a time for merriment outdoors as the days get longer and hotter.
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    Spend Christmas Day with your family. Even if you and your family bump heads or don't quite get along, just remember to keep a positive attitude and be thankful. It is nice to be in an environment where everyone is happy and opening up presents and it specially great if you have kids so you can enjoy Christmas with them too.
    • You can be wise and keep the meet-ups evenly spaced between families, so that you don't overdo time with any one family. Husband's first, then wive's family, or vice versa, for example.


  • Christmas is much better if you are together as a family, or even with friends.
  • There is no Christmas without love so make sure you tell everyone you love them.

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