How to Have a Party for 100 Dollars

Where in tough times, but our parties for our children, our graduation don't have to suffer. Make a party for a $100 with just a few tips and money saving ideas.


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    Make a list. The most important step when keeping in budget. Try to set a price for all the supplies you would need and calculate before you shop. You might even want to go to some stores or online and check prices. To make it easier set it off to the main things. Food, tables, walls, ceilings (optional), invites and cake(optional).
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    Use bright colors and one statement piece : Sometimes less is more. With bright colors and a statement piece (to say hanging empty,colorful frames from the ceiling so they hang in mid air) it will take a a very bold look for more bang for your buck. To say the tables are bright blue, pink and, green. Plus the statement piece mentioned above in your back yard. Takes half the decoration out and leaves more cash.
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    Shop at the dollar store: Look, you don't have to buy the new set of fine china. The dollar store will have most what you need of décor and food. Yes the quality may be lower, but you only need it for a day. It's also easy to budget, bet you anything everything will be under $5.
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    Add Christmas lights. Yes. Hang them from your ceiling in a swooping motion. Or even hang lanterns from different heights. Some above the head of the guests and a few stragglers meeting there faces. It doesn't even have to be lights. How about the head of fake flowers(which are cheaper), hung by fishing line to give your room a magical feeling.
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    Location, location, location: It's much easier to decorate a park gazebo then a garage. While yes most of you will have house parties keep in mind free and outdoor places that are scenic, It saves a lot in the end. Does your neighbor have an awesome garden for a tea party. Are there picnic tables at the lake so you can have a sweet 16. but if you do do it in your house choose a room or place where it's more open. Think, if you were to hold it in your bedroom it feel like a coffin. Most important to a house or indoor party, do not make your space big! Yes if your space is to big that means more décor, thus more money.Use some logic and give your location a room to décor ratio.
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    Buffet, not meals: Which might be obvious to most. You might want to try some 5$ pizza places. Try having bulk of one dish like meat or soup.Any one specialty entrée you can make in a good bulk. Then have little things in bulk. Colored marshmallows in a bowl. Things like crackers, and candy. The classic chips and dip(sour cream with dressing). Or swipe things from your kitchen. Cut and rolled up ham with a small piece of cheese with a toothpick, PB&J minis(use Ritz crackers or cut the bread small), get creative with what you have.
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    Cut the list: You can't have 110 guests, how about 10? Just not too many.
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    Forget it!: You know a party, all it really is, is a group of people that you're close to you celebrating an event. If planning and such annoys you. that's cool. Throw some tunes. Use the $100 in a lighting system and dance the night away. As long as you and your guests are having fun your party is perfect.


  • Hydrate during the party. We do not need you passing out in the middle of it.
  • For every new party ,buy a small notebook to keep everything organized. That is the key to accomplishing it to your budget.
  • After everything take a nap, you deserve it.
  • If over 21, B.Y.O.B.


  • Beware, some dollar stores aren't actually that. Some of them have dollar in the name just to attract customers. Try local dollar stores or even 99 cent stores. Their prices are legit.

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