How to Have a Paris Themed Sleepover (Teen Girls)

Nothing beats a chic Paris-themed sleepover! If you are looking for some French fun with your friends, look no further.


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    Make a guest list. Ask your parents how many friends you can invite, then make a list of their names. Don't invite people who you know are going to spoil your party - stick with people who have a good reputation.
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    Create invitations. You can find some Paris invitations on the Internet, or you can use websites such as Evite or Facebook. If you want to create your own invitations, open up a Word document and find Paris images and clip art to use. Remember to include the following:
    • A cute entry title, such as "Venez célébrer mon 15ème Anniversaire à Paris."
    • Whose party (yours, of course!)
    • When (The time and date)
    • Where (include your address)
    • What to bring
    • An R.S.V.P phone number or email address
    • Party details
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    Send out your invitations. Send them 2-3 weeks before the party, as telling people about your party this far in advance will help to ensure that many people are able to come.
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    Decorate! Set up everything the day before the party. Use the colors pink, white, and black. Put pictures, wall stickers, or posters of the Eiffel Tower, l'Arc de Triomphe, etc on the walls. Because Paris is nicknamed "The City of Lights", hang up strands of white fairy lights and light candles around the party space. You could even use poodles or hearts - Paris is also the City of Love. Create cute props or get some from party stores.
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    Dress Parisian. Tell your friends to wear chic dresses, high heels, buns, berets, scarves, bows, and cute purses. Alternatively, you could get them to wear clothes with the Eiffel Tower, French words, or "Paris" written on them. Try to find Eiffel tower accessories (such as necklaces, earrings, etc.) to wear as well.
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    Eat French food. Because wine is so popular in France, serve sparkling juice in wine glasses. If you are able to spend a fair bit of money on this party, take your friends out to a French restaurant, or have a restaurant cater. For a thriftier option, prepare French food at home before your guests come, or you can all cook together. French meals often consist of 3 courses:
    • Hors d'oeuvres (appetizer): Serve things like baguettes, croissants, a cheese platter featuring French cheese (wine and cheese are very popular in France) a salad (such as salade nicoise), etc.
    • Plat principal (main course): Try ratatouille, frites (French fries), French onion soup, boeuf bourgignon (beef stew), etc. If you and your friends are more daring, you could also try escargot (snail), or frog legs.
    • Dessert: There are plenty of great French desserts such as chocolate soufflé, crème brûlée, éclairs, chocolate mousse, macaroons, chocolates, French pastries, and crepes. Crepes can also be a great French-inspired breakfast if your guests are staying overnight.
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    Play French music. Open a playlist on,,,, or iTunes. You can also use YouTube or CD's. For a classic French feel, try songs by Charles Trenet, Yves Montand, Edith Piaf, Maurice Chevalier, Jacques Brel, etc. For a more modern feel, try songs such as "Paris" by Camille, or look up top-40 hits in France to find out what they're listening to now. Note that in France they listen to a lot of the same music that is popular in North America, so feel free to play popular English music as well.
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    Do French-inspired activities:
    • Give each other French manicures and pedicures. If those are hard to do, buy nail stickers to help.
    • Watch movies set in France. "Monte Carlo" is good for younger teens, and "Moulin Rouge" or "French Kiss" is good for older teens.
    • Learn some basic French words.
    • Give each other makeovers and take pictures wearing berets, Eiffel tower accessories, etc.


  • Make party favors with makeup, french flags, Eiffel Tower keychains or truffles!
  • Be sure to take tons of pictures and maybe you can make an internet site to remember your fun party with your friends. Try using,, or
  • If you need more activities, try karaoke, making music videos, dancing to music, or just letting your friends talk and hang out together.

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