How to Have a New Year's Eve Sleepover (Teens)

If you want to have the most perfect party ever, then this will tell you how. It includes food, entertainment, location, games and guest list!


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    Decide on location. Start planning your party at least a week in advance. Are you having it in your home, or maybe in a hotel? Make sure you have a room ready in your house, or book a hotel room.
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    Write the guest list. Only invite people you want there, not just if they asked you, if you don't like them. Make sure all the guests are approved by your parents.
    • Even if you think that girl three years older than you is just so cool, your parents may not approve.
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    Make a list of food to have. Some good party food ideas are pizza, cocktails sausages, burgers, vol-au-vents, sausage rolls and hotdogs. If there's any vegetarians coming, make sure you get food suitable for them
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    Plan entertainment: What are you going to do all night? Watch movies, play games, have music on? Ask around and see what other guests would like to do. Examples of some good movies are Hannah Montana:The Movie, How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days, Dawn of the Dead.
    • If you have a Wii, get a game everyone can play in turns, like WiiFit. SingStar or other karaoke games are great. If you want to play the proper games Truth or Dare is always good.
    • Another is everyone sits in a circle and one person writes a celebrity's name on a sticky note and put it on the person next to your forehead. Everyone but them can see it and they have to ask yes or no questions to guess who it is. Murder in the Dark is fun, as is Blind Man's Buff.
    • Another fun game is Midnight Hide and Seek. It doesn't have to be midnight. You need a whole house for this, so your parents might not like it.
    • Once you have their permission, go round the house and close all curtains, lights and lamps and anything else. One person has to wait somewhere and count slowly to one hundred. It's best if everyone else has a torch, or one between two or whatever, and they have to go and hide. The person counting doesn't get a torch. You can also blindfold and spin them around. Continued below!


  • Make sure your clock is right. You don't want to miss midnight!
  • Invitations: It's fun designing yourself, either by hand or on a computer. Alternatively, you can hire someone to personalise them for you, or just buy them. Make sure you include a map to where the party is being held.
  • Midnight: Go out and watch the fireworks and play loud music to dance to!
  • It's best to play this game late at night so it's pitch black. It's really fun if it's everyone against the person counting, with walkie-talkies and stuff, to call for help. If you are captured, the person who finds them can choose to lock them up(the bathroom works as a prison)or keep them as an ally and then they have to find people too. If they are locked up, they can ask someone to rescue them with a walkie-talkie. They only escape when someone lets them out. Two people can also have to count at the start, and one can guard the prison, but they have to be blindfolded. This is a fun, exciting game.
  • Next morning: Give everyone a little gift bag to thank them for coming. Ideas for these are sweets/candy, bracelets, hair clips, bath beads or bombs, combs or whatever you like. If you have lots of money to spend, you could buy them something more expensive, like iTunes gift cards.


  • Don't obsess about everything being perfect. No one likes an uptight hostess! Just relax and have fun. Go with the flow!
  • Be sure to know if your friends have food allergies. If you have peanuts as a snack at your sleepover and one of your friends has a peanut allergy, that wouldn't be fun.
  • Make sure you get your parents' permission for everything!

Things You'll Need

  • A great location
  • Yummy food
  • Good music
  • Funny/scary/sad movies
  • Guests
  • For games: blindfolds, torches, walkie-talkies(optional), space, sticky notes
  • A gorgeous outfit
  • Invitations
  • Gift bags
  • Lots of pillows and blankets

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