How to Have A Memorable Christmas

Making Christmas a memorable occasion is possible with a few changes to your normal routine. Go for some new ways of sharing and giving to give a new sense of purpose to your Christmas celebrations this season. Many of these activities can be done whether you celebrate Christmas in a snowy climate or under a blazing hot sun; wherever you are in the world, your Christmas celebration should always be filled with the spirit of love, peace and joy.


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    Think about others. Tired of the usual gift-giving rigmarole? Try giving to those who have little and check out your local charities or online charities. Many are providing the means for you to help others less fortunate by funding things they really need - school texts, animals for farming, water pumps for a village to have clean water. Once you have bought these gifts, wrap the information beautifully and put a family or friend's name on it and pop it under the tree. When they open it, spend some time sharing the story about how you bought it on their behalf, why you chose that gift and the benefits it will bring to others. In this way, you give and you also raise awareness amongst loved ones of the things that really matter at Christmas time - giving, understanding, sharing and caring about the human family.
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    Give a small gift to someone you don't know. A neighbour you have never talked to, watchman of the nearby shop or anyone. No one would say no to a gift wrapped in smile on a Christmas Day. Remember, it's not the value of the gift, it's the pleasant surprise you give them that add up to both your joy.
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    Buy a living tree. This year, instead of a tree whose life has been interrupted abruptly for the Christmas mill, buy a living tree. Select one that will continue growing for seasons to come in a pot before you have to plant it in the garden. Explain to your family the importance of respecting life by planting more trees.
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    Invite somebody new to a Christmas meal. Is there someone who is all alone this Christmas who could do with a family? Or is there a family member who has been left out in the cold for years following a family dispute or other problem? Christmas is a time to bury hatchets, to unfold our charitable spirit and share amongst all. Invite someone special to your Christmas dinner and share the warmth amongst each other all the while opening your heart and acting upon charitable intentions.
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    Make time to make Christmas a family occasion. Many people work until the moment of Christmas and miss out on the preparations leading up to it. Make an effort to take off one day or more if you can, to share time with the family making Christmas craft, food and decorating in a holiday theme together. Visit the stores together to shop and go and see a Christmas movie as a family. Take it easy for change and feel the spirit of Christmas rather than having it thrust upon you. Nothing makes memories last for longer than the memory of peace, tranquility, harmony and a slow pace all at once.
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    Join the carolers. Don't just listen to them - go and join them! Roam your local neighborhood singing songs of peace, love and joy to everyone around. Spread the spirit of Christmas directly.
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    Make an effort to go and see what others are doing for Christmas. Go out and see what others are doing for Christmas. Some ideas include:
    • Buy tickets to a local theater troupe's play. All the effort of learning lines, rehearsing and caring to put a play on during the busy season deserves your attention and applause.
    • Take a walk and see your street's Christmas lights. Take a movie of what you see and add it to YouTube. Leave a notelet in your neighbor's mailboxes with the URL for them to check out their own street life at Christmas time as your gift to them. Just be sure to not show driver's plates or other identifiable information - keep it general.
    • Visit a hospital. Whether you visit the children or the other patients, Christmas is always a very hard time for patients and to see cheery faces of people coming to see how they are, perhaps with fresh fruit and a stuffed teddy or two, is always welcoming. Check at your local hospital for visiting hours.
    • Join the soup kitchen and ladle out some Christmas cheer to those who have nothing in your local community. Double bonus points if you do this and and you give the charity gifts mentioned in Step 1!
    • Have your neighbors over for Christmas brunch. They're almost family and why not do something new?
    • Visit local museums and public libraries. Look for Christmas storytelling sessions, for Christmas displays and Christmas themed activities that can provide you and your family with an opportunity to share in group activities with other people in your community and make the season feel even more joyous and shared.
    • Offer to help at a preschool or school Christmas party. Even if your kids have grown up and left, they can always do with helpers. And there is nothing quite like the joy on children's faces - time and time and time again to make you feel really good at Christmas time.
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    Don't forget those who aren't home for Christmas. There are people who cannot be home for Christmas - troops, scientists in Antarctica, doctors doing emergency duty, volunteers in refugee camps, a family member in hospital, an exchange student overseas and many other reasons. Show them you are thinking of them by contacting them the best way you can - phone them, e-mail them, YouTube them - any way that works best for you. Just make sure they are a part of your Christmas celebrations in your heart and mind and that they are aware of this.
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    Don't leave this article as you found it but make it better. Add your own ways of making Christmas memorable to this very article. That's right! This is a wiki and your ideas matter. A topic as personal as this one is an encouragement for you to participate and share an idea on how you make Christmas memorable.


  • If you love to make people happy, give to charity and give gifts out to people who never expected a gift. Watch as they smile, and joy fills their heart. That's what Christmas is about. Yes there is the Christianity side of it. But there is also giving, more than receiving. Like the way God gave his Son to the world. The thought of family and togetherness. Being one in happiness and joy.
  • So it's impossible to get time off work, or this season is your busiest time at work? Live it up at work. Instill the spirit of Christmas with your colleagues. Initiate decorations that also recognize the diversity of the season - Hanukkah, Kwanzaa etc. and make being happy, merry and joyous the theme in your corner of work. Swap cards and stick post-it notes on each other's chairs, cash registers, truck seats or wherever you work, with little messages of support and best wishes.
  • Keep the costs of Christmas down and keep to a budget; the smaller credit card debt is a Christmas treat in and of itself.
  • If arguing starts among the family, immediately start to sing a Christmas carol and encourage them all the join in. Smile a lot to make it clear that you are not doing this to aggravate but to bring on the sense of Christmas among all.
  • Make your own Tree Ornaments. It is a low cost and easy way to spend time with your family. You also do not have to worry about damaging expensive or glass ornaments.
  • Have fun,relax and enjoy your special holiday.
  • Instead of having Christmas dinner at home, instead try going out to a relative's house for dinner! It takes a lot of weight of your shoulders to know that you don't have to do all of the cooking.

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