How to Have a Justin Bieber Themed Birthday

Do you love Justin Bieber? Is your birthday coming up? Well then, how about having some fun with a Justin Bieber birthday party? It's really not that hard! Just grab some friends and music!


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    Dress up for the occasion. An option is to wear the color purple all day, since it's Justin Bieber's favorite color. If you're going out, you could wear Supra shoes, and/or a baseball hat. do you have a shirt with Justin's name or picture on it? Then wear that too! Make your friends come with Bieber-themed clothing, so you can have fun and laugh together.
    • Show off your Never Say Never 3D glasses! These glasses were on sale over the Internet for Justin's movie, Never Say Never. If you bought them, wear them all day long! They're purple too!
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    Decorate. Get some posters and stick them up on the walls around your party space. If you already have posters on your walls, you could move them around a little, making them more noticeable. You can also print pictures of him on your walls, as well as his autographs. Making drawings yourself can also be bunch of fun!
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    Watch anything Justin Bieber-related. It could be any of his interviews, his music videos, his movie, or simply looking at his pictures! Gather around the TV, the computer or even your cell phone and get smiling and laughing with your guests!
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    Sing along. The most important to have this themed birthday is to always have his music in the background. You could also have all the guests sing along to his songs, and/or dance to them! You can even make a video of you and your friends lip syncing and dancing to his songs. Play it afterwards for some extra laughs. If you want and are allowed, post them on YouTube afterwards!
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    Eating Time! For the meal at your Bieber Birthday, how about eating spaghetti or McDonald's? If you want some snacks, how about Cheetos, Doritos, or Sour Patch Kids? These are all Justin Bieber's favourite foods. You could gather up all these foods and have a Bieber buffet! You can also make a Bieber-inspired cake. Look up pictures on the internet, and who knows, you might find a guide that teaches you how to make a Bieber-Themed cake! If you want cupcakes, ice them with JB and the words Never Say Never. You could also eat lots of Peeps, he admitted on an interview that his favorite candy is Peeps and was showered with yellow Peeps!
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    Advertise your love of Justin Bieber. Sing his songs on the street, wear his style, listen to his music out loud, dance and copy his behavior! This way, everyone will know you are a real Bieber-fan! If you and your guests want to, make a sign that says "Honk if You Have Bieber Fever!", then stand out on the street and see who honks. This will make for a lot of laughs from your guests.
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    Try to do the Beiber hair flip! Watch some videos online and Try to master his epic hair flip. Practice with your guests! When your guests arrive, do the Bieber hair flip before saying "Hi", just to have fun! Make sure that you don't do the hair flip too often, because you might get dizzy!
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    Read the book. With your guests, read Justin Bieber's First Step 2 Forever book out loud. Take turns reading a page (or your favourite parts), and then pass it around. If this sounds boring to you, wait until your guests have gone away, and then read it silently to yourself. This is sure to make a great end of your Bieber birthday!


  • If you want, you can buy Justin Bieber stickers and decorate anything you have with them.
  • You can take Bieber Quotes, write them down on a piece of paper and stick them on your wall (along with the posters) if you want.
  • Make sure those who you invite can tolerate him
  • Justin Bieber nail polishes are also in stores, for those who love doing their nails.
  • Justin Bieber's birthday is on March 1st.
  • Go over the Holy Bieble (remake of the Holy Bible) (on the internet) and learn words like bieberphile. That's fun too.


  • If you don't already have Justin's book, or his music, then you can decide whether to get it or not. You shouldn't get it only because you want to have a Bieber-Birthday.

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