How to Have a James Bond Lifestyle

Everybody wants to have the same lifestyle James Bond has. Follow the steps below and you will know how to improve your lifestyle in no-time.


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    Know what a James Bond lifestyle is. It's all about being sophisticated, suave, and smart. Never forget this; if you lose any of these at any time, it's over.
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    Take care of your appearance. The first impression is the person's appearance. Always remember to wear nice, clean clothes - not something you found in your wardrobe. It also has to fit the situation; you're not likely to go to a wedding in shorts & a tropical t-shirt. Define your 'casual look' as something not too formal or exaggerated, but still very smart and smooth. If you're not going to a meeting or doing anything formal, there's no need for a suit. To have an idea of what a casual but still sophisticated look is, watch the latest Bond film, Quantum of Solace.
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    Be clean. Have at least two showers per day. Never forget to use a smooth deodorant and perfume. You might not notice, but this is very important. Have a nice, short hairstyle. Long hair for men is not sophisticated at all, it actually may even look dirty. Also remember to shave, it makes your face look much cleaner. Your hair must also smell good, use a shampoo. And don't overlook the details - clipped and clean nails and, of course, clean mouth. Hygiene makes all the difference.
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    Learn how to gamble. How many times have we seen Bond gambling at beautiful casinos? His two favorite games are Baccarat Chemin de Fer and Texas Hold'em Poker. There are thousands of guides in the net which cover how to play, strategies and everything there is to know. At the beginning, never bet any money, try downloading some online gambling softwares - they're very useful. However, limit yourself to know or play just some games - let's say, three popular ones and two not so known. If you learn how to play, for instance, fifteen card games, you are going to look like a paranoiac gambler. Also, never forget that you play for fun, not for money, so don't get angry if you lose once or twice.
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    Learn the art of seduction. The famous Bond girls. You're certainly not going to get any if you have lame pick-up lines. The truth is that girls pay more attention towards your body language than what you say. Always remember to lock eye contact - never look at her body, it will just make her despise you. Don't cross your arms. Open arms make you look more receptive. If she smiles, you smile. You might eventually have to smile first. If she doesn't react positively at the beginning, give up - your chances are now close to zero. Avoid flirting too much, that's a very uncomfortable sexual harassment. If you can manage your body language, there's not that much of a necessity for good pick-up lines. If she reacts positively, a 'how are you doing' will just be fine.
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    Look wealthier than you are. You can't have a wonderful James Bond lifestyle if you look poor. The unfortunate reality is that people with more money are likely to have better relationships and contacts than people without money. Happily, a big part of this step is psychological. Always walk around with cash so that you can spend it and never run out of it. Of course you're not going to take the entire money from your bank account, but make sure you have enough to spend on a day. A money clip is also very fashionable and makes you look wealthier. It might not look so now, but if you do this you are actually going to feel wealthier. You will realize you have money and that it doesn't hurt to spend it a little. Just remember not to splash out too much, you're not supposed to have an empty pocket - still, don't be afraid to spend some money.
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    Master hand-to-hand combat. James Bond knows karate, boxing and judo. He also knows five ways to kill a man with a single blow. Don't worry, you don't need to be a black belt in every martial art in the planet. However, try to learn the basics of martial arts and self-defense. Know how to defend yourself, but never be aggressive or you're more likely to become 'James Bully'. The most important: if you're in a situation you're dealing with people with any kind of weapon, you're unarmed and your life or health is threatened, the best thing to do is surrender. Take in count numerical advantage as well. It's all about judging the situation and making the best move. Bond has surrendered many times, because he knew what was the best choice. Just check out movies like Casino Royale, Goldeneye and The World is not Enough and you will see what I'm talking about.
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    Get in shape. In order to complete his assignments, James Bond has to be physically fit. If you have seen Bond's body in Casino Royale (and shortly displayed in Quantum of Solace trailer), you will know what I'm talking about. Search for quality gyms in your area and, if possible, ask a specialist what kind of exercise you should do to get in good shape. If you can't afford a gym or you don't have time for it, do some exercises on your own at home - however, remember that doing exercises on your own, mainly musculature building, might get you hurt. Know the proper way to do the exercise and, most important: do it on a regular basis. No exercise will get your body fit for eternity. There are many alleged training programs Daniel Craig did for his part as Bond in Casino Royale, but all of them are untrue or loosely based on what he really did. In fact, nobody knows for sure his exact training program, but know that he worked on his arms (biceps, triceps and an emphasis on shoulders), torso (chest and abdominal exercises) and legs. A good James Bond training program is available at James Bond Lifestyle - once again, the website is not mine.


  • Come up with a drink you invented. If you're underage, use the options which are available for you. Make mock drinks depending on your taste.
  • Preferably, wear a mechanical watch on your left wrist. They are more sophisticated than digital ones.


  • NEVER say things like 'shaken, not stirred' or 'Bond, James Bond'. You are going to look ridiculous. Having the Bond lifestyle doesn't mean you can't be who you really are.

Things You'll Need

  • Self-confidence. First, trust this guide, then trust yourself. Anybody can pull this off. Being afraid of doing it will just make reading all this a huge waste of time, since you're here for nothing. If not the case, you can certainly have the James Bond lifestyle. Go for it.

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