How to Have a Great Time at a Frat Party

Three Methods:Looking and Feeling RightHaving a Blast Once You Get ThereMaking the Right Moves and Following Etiquette

College is an exciting time where you’ll have a lot of opportunity to meet different people and grow your network of friends. Parties are a great place to meet new people, but for some, the experience can be a little stressful. Have you ever felt uncomfortable or awkward at a frat party, while your friends seem to be having fun? Not sure what to wear, how to act, or how to initiate conversations with strangers? Don’t get discouraged, frat parties can be awesome if you approach them the right way.

Method 1
Looking and Feeling Right

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    Wear clothes that are comfortable but trendy. The worst thing at a frat party is to go overboard on the clothes and look like you’re trying way too hard to fit in. You want to stay classy, but wearing a tuxedo will most likely get you laughed out of most frat parties.
    • If you’re a man who is unsure what to wear, a polo and jeans or a button up shirt and some slacks will suffice. Just make sure your clothes aren’t wrinkled or have any stains and you’ll fit in.
    • Girls can wear skirts, a dress, or jeans, but just make sure that the skirt isn’t too short and the dress isn’t too long. Frat parties can get crowded and a long dress can get dirty very easily, and there’s a good chance there will be people physically bumping into you.
    • Keep the weather in mind. No one looks cool when they are shivering from the cold, or soaking wet from the rain, so try to dress appropriate to the weather forecast.
    • If you already have a unique style, stick to it! The thing that matters most about how you dress is how confident you feel about your appearance.
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    Take a shower before you leave. If you smell bad or look dirty, people are not going to want to interact with you at a frat party. If you’ve spent all day in the heat or doing something physical, it’s important you wash off the dirt before going to a party.
    • If you don’t have time to shower, make sure to apply some cologne or perfume.
    • Keep in mind that this is not a substitute to good hygiene.
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    Loosen up with friends before the party. If you feel anxious about being around a ton of new people, it’s good to loosen up at home with your friends before you go out by having a couple drinks if you are over 21. This will get you in the mood to be social, and will make your experience better once you get to the party.
    • Don’t go overboard on drinking. Showing up to a party totally drunk is bad form, and they could restrict you from going in!
    • Once you are at the party, getting too drunk can tarnish your reputation and be very dangerous.

Method 2
Having a Blast Once You Get There

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    Participate in the games and comradery. Usually at frat parties they will have games like beer pong or flip-cup, and you shouldn’t be afraid to join in. Frat houses are a brotherhood, so comradery is also something you’ll find at most parties. Don’t be afraid to make friends and join in on the fun, even if you are an outsider.
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    Start conversations with strangers. If you feel nervous when going up to strangers don’t worry, it’s pretty common.[1] It’s important to break through that nervousness and talk to as many strangers as you can at a party. It will make you seem sociable and other people might come up and start talking to you.
    • Try making a friend every hour. The more people you meet, the better the chance of finding someone to have a blast with!
    • Try to pick out someone who looks like they came alone. These people are usually waiting for people to talk to them, so they will be responsive.
    • If you can’t think of something to say, complimenting someone’s clothes usually works.
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    Dance and let loose! If there is music at a frat party and people are dancing, make sure that you join in. Dancing for some people can be a source of anxiety, but the best method to overcome it is just to get out on that dance floor and do it.
    • Don’t be afraid of looking stupid. Many people don’t know how to dance but try anyway, the important thing is to have fun.
    • If you feel nervous about dancing with strangers, dance with some of the friends you came with. Since you know them, it will be less awkward and there won’t be any expectations.
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    Make an impression on people but don’t try too hard. Sometimes it’s hard to stand out at a frat party because of a lot of people usually attend. You want to make an impression on some people, but don’t want to go overboard and try to be the center of attention. By being louder than usual, sociable, and open to speak to anyone, you’ll make a positive impression and people may remember you at the next party.
    • Sometimes if you try too hard it can come off as agitating, fake, or desperate. Your goal isn’t to be everyone’s friend, but become friends with those that you genuinely like.
    • Being funny is an easy way to get people's attention and leave a positive impression. If you're not funny, try to be nice instead.
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    Get phone numbers. The party doesn’t end when you leave the frat party. While the ultimate point of going to a frat party is to have fun, it doesn’t mean that you can’t meet really good friends there. When you talk to someone you like, or you see someone you find attractive, don’t be afraid to ask for that phone number.
    • Don’t ask for a number out of nowhere. Start a conversation with the person first, then ask for their number if the exchange goes well.
    • Don’t be afraid of rejection. The worst thing someone can say is “no.”
    • The more you ask people for their numbers the better at it you’ll become.
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    Relax and don't overthink things. Having a fun time at a frat party isn't like solving a calculus equation. While following all these steps will help you have fun, it really relies on you and whether you. If you find yourself overthinking everything and not having fun, just relax and try to make some friends.

Method 3
Making the Right Moves and Following Etiquette

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    Show up when the party is kicking into high gear and leave before it ends. Showing up to a party too early shows that you have nothing else to do, and could make people think you’re desperate. Arriving too late may mean that you miss everything and the party is already over. A good rule of thumb is to arrive at the party when it’s in full swing, typically around 11:30 p.m.
    • Once the party is dwindling down make sure that you leave. It’s embarrassing to be kicked out of the party once it’s over. When groups of people start to leave, that's your cue.
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    Choose the frat house that’s right for you. Not all frats are created equal, and many of them have different cultures and house rules.[2] Make sure that when you are going to a frat house, you like the culture of the frat so you can meet people with similar interests and maximize your fun.
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    Bring a couple of friends. Showing up to a party alone can increase your stress.[3] If you bring friends to the party, you’ll have someone to talk to before you can start warming up to strangers.
    • Make sure to bring people of both genders. Sometimes frat parties won’t allow a group of guys to go in unless they have females with them.
    • Don’t forget to open up and be social with other people. Limit conversation with your friends so you can meet new people.


  • Don't get too drunk. You can get alcohol poising and have to go to the ER.
  • Never drive drunk.
  • Girls and guys: Watch your drinks at all times. Pour your own if you can; if not, watch the person preparing it. Never set it down. Carry it with you on the dance floor if you have to..
  • Don't fight people. It could get you arrested, so just walk away if there's a confrontation.
  • If you aren't feeling good at a party you can always leave and try another one.
  • Use contraception if you decide to go back to someone's room.

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