How to Have a Good Summer

Six Parts:Dressing for summerSummer fun indoorsSummer fun outsideCreative summer funSpending summer time with othersRelaxing during summer

Summer is a time to look forward to because there is no school to get you down. In order to have a good summer, you don't have to travel or do anything expensive; those are optional. You just need to stay active, occupied, and have an open mind.

Part 1
Dressing for summer

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    Find comfortable shoes and clothing for the summer, depending on what you will be doing. Look for things that you like and feel comfortable in.
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    Give yourself a makeover. Paint your nails, get a haircut, etc. Try on a new fragrance at malls. They put up testers that you can use without buying the product.

Part 2
Summer fun indoors

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    Read if you feel as if you're getting bored. Subscribe to a magazine or comic if you don't like books.
    • Reading doesn't have to be boring. Choose whatever age-apporiate book that interests you and start reading! Keep a reading log, to keep track of new vocabulary. You can read anywhere! In your backyard or on your balcony, on your bed, or out by the lake. Reading doesn't have to be boring!
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    Check out local museums or theme parks. Museums in your hometown can be great way to pass the time as well as increase your knowledge.
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    Get caught up on schoolwork. Not all of us are straight "A" students. Take this time to go to the library and review material for the next year in advance. Since it's summer, you can do this at your own pace. No need to rush or stress out. It's just important to not forget anything you learned in the past year over the summer

Part 3
Summer fun outside

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    Turn off the TV. Unplug the DVD player. Get out of your house and get some fresh air. Don't spend the majority of your time indoors.
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    Spend a lot of time outside. These days, almost everyone is always indoors. How about going to the park to meet up with your friends. Maybe you can find a sports field and play whatever you want. Do you have a phone/iPod and just love it to much? Put it to good use! If you have an iPhone/iPod touch you can install the Nike+ app from the App Store for free to track how much your run. You and your friends could have a competition.
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    Find a local park to play at in the evenings. Walks in the park can be the be one of the best activities all summer. Find a local cul-de-sac and ride your bike (five to ten laps a day is a suggestion). Riding your bike is a good way to stay fit and occupy yourself at any time of the year.
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    Be fit. Find a sport that you like. Swim at a local pool; a good cure for summer boredom.
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    Travel. If you usually go on vacation in the summer, start packing now! Can't afford to travel far? No problem! Do some exploring in your own city/state/province. Go on a road trip with your friends and family. Find out what's on the other side of that lake. Be creative!
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    Beat the heat. If summers are hot where you live, you can go to the beach with your family or friends. Run around your front yard under the sprinklers. Some water parks have great discounts at times during the summer, so you can also try browsing the internet for discounts! But be careful, if there's a heatwave outside, you might want to stay out of the sun, or even go indoors, in an air conditioned room (especially if you have asthma). Avoid being in direct sunlight if it's hotter than 90 degrees (32 C) and stay indoors at all times if it's hotter than 100 degrees (37 C)
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    Stay safe. There is nothing worse than spending your summer in a hospital room because of a broken bone, or at home in bed because of the flu. Put safety first!

Part 4
Creative summer fun

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    If you are a musical person, and high-school age, join a summer marching band! Marching band is a great way to have fun, meet new people, and not be bored all summer.
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    Do something you are really passionate about. Want to practice the piano? The violin? Go for it! Want to improve your kicking skills in soccer? Your batting skills in baseball? Go for it! Practice doing something-- anything (preferably not video games!)
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    Feel your artistic side. Try painting a portrait of your friend at the park. Or how about shooting a mini mystery movie right in your own home, then editing it on your computer. You could write a song, preform it, and even make a music video out of it, with the help of Garageband and iMovie if you have a Mac (there are other programs for PCs, just Google what you want) Maybe you want to reenact a play. Decorate pretty outfits and show them off. Let your creativity shine!
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    Make memories. It's the small things that matter. So enjoy them as much as you can-- the birds chirping, the flowers blossoming, the water splashing. You're going to be missing these things in December! If you have a phone, take picture and post them to Instagram, to share your memories with others. Or make 6-second masterpieces with the Vine app for your phone. They're both free, and they'll help you remember these memories forever!
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    Be unlimited. If you have an idea, no matter how ridiculous and crazy it may be (as long as it isn't illegal) go do it! If you think there isn't a way, get help to make your plan happen.

Part 5
Spending summer time with others

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    Stay in touch with friends and family. Ask your friends and family what they are doing so you can get more ideas of what to do.
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    Spend time with your family. It is amazing what you can learn from your family. Go to grandma's and ask her about her childhood. Girls night out with mom! Basketball with your siblings. Fishing with dad. Never be embarrassed of your family!
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    Catch up with friends. If you get bored one day, contact one of your friends. Maybe invite them over for a sleepover, or just chat. If all of your friends are away for the summer, try new things. You might make some new friends there.
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    Find someone who needs help with work. Getting a good summer job is sure to keep you busy.
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    Make new friends. Go to the mall, park, community center, library, YMCA, wherever you want to. Talk to people there. Get to know them. Start a bond. Make new friends!
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    Arrange a neighborhood game. Try Capture the Flag or Manhunt at a local park/field with lots of cover at night. Don't forget flashlights, bug spray, and walkie talkies!
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    Get involved in your community. Try going to your local community center. You can sign up for sports/activities there for cheap prices (sometimes even free!). You can also volunteer! Try volunteering what interests you (otherwise you won't like it!). For example, if you love animals, you can try volunteering at an animal shelter, and take care of those pretty kitties!
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    Spend time with your pets. Isn't it relaxing to watch your fish swim? How about taking your dog on a long walk in the neighborhood. Maybe kitty wants a back scratch. Don't forget about your pets. You are their best friend! Don't have any pets? How about having a tea party with your stuffed animals (you can never be too old for that!) or you could prove your responsibility, do chores, and other work so maybe you could get a pet of your own! Or you can always try volunteering at your local animal shelter if your parents say "no".

Part 6
Relaxing during summer

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    Relax. This one might seem like a no-brainer, but your summer should pretty much be stress-free. This is the time where you don't have to worry about projects, homework, tests, and bossy teachers. Take advantage of this time to not stress out about anything. Because when September comes, you're going to wish it was June again!
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    Pamper yourself. Take it easy. It's summer. You can sleep in till 10. Or take a shower for an hour. Take a nice relaxing bubble bath. Or spend half an hour in a hot tub/Jacuzzi. If you're a girl, you and mom could get your nails done together. Try going to a spa. This is your summer!


  • Keep a little book of important phone numbers; you don't want to lose contact with anyone.
  • Go to the library for books. If you don't have a library card ask a parent to go with you to help you get one.
  • Attend summer camp. Find a cheap one in your area and ask a friend if they want to attend with you. It doesn't have to be for the whole summer, a few weeks where you don't have anything planned is a good time for it.
  • You have to be 16 years old or older in order to volunteer at most places.
  • Get all your friends from schools phone numbers so you can invite them over if they're available.


  • Seek shade when it gets too hot.
  • When performing outside activities, don't forget to drink lots of water! You don't want to risk getting heatstroke.
  • Wear sunscreen so you won't get sunburn.
  • Don't force your pets to do something if they don't want to do it. It could hurt you and your pet.
  • Try not to do anything that puts you or others at risk. Summer is supposed to be fun and rewarding, not a time where you put yourself at risk. If you are a minor, fun does not mean drinking or other illegal activities. Watching a movie is a much better choice.
  • Tell your parents if you plan on going somewhere. It's good to bring your phone with you in case you want to stay in touch.
  • Always wear a helmet if you plan on doing sports.
  • Don't do anything that breaks the law, or hurts other people.
  • Although meeting new people is important, always stay close to your parents or a group of friends you trust. Never go alone. Never talk to strangers.

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