How to Have a Good Fashion Sense and Look Great

If you like to look good, try new things and put your outfit together, then you have a great sense of fashion! Others aren't sure on what to try, what will look good on them and what goes well together, but with this article, you can find out. Remember there are so many styles to find and wear - if one thing doesn't suit you then another will, and if you want to try something different you can.


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    Sort through your drawers /wardrobe. It may seem boring and just like a chore, but will be useful and make looking through your clothes much easier. Take out everything and put on the bed. If something no longer fits or you just don't like it anymore, then put in a plastic bag ready to take to the appreciative charity shop. There's nothing wrong with getting rid of unwanted clothes. Tutus,stripy tights and woolly jumpers may have been your thing back then, but chances are you have moved onto other stuff,which is fine. If you find clothes which are too badly ripped,damaged,stained or worn for someone to wear or ever look good again, use as rag or put them in the bin. Now to organizing. You could fold jeans, dresses or skirts in one area and hoodies, jumpers,t-shirts and vests in another. If you have a wardrobe, you could fold items such as jeans, dresses, skirts, next to that fold up hoodies and jumpers and hang t-shirts and vests up on hangers. Put your underwear somewhere private and shoes maybe in a drawer. If you find any dirty clothes, take to the washing. Iron and put away.
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    Find out about what sort of fashions/styles you're interested in. There are so many to choose from- Girly, Rock, Emo, Parisian Chic, Glamorous, Casual.. the list goes on. Also, there's prints, patterns,pictures and textures to think about. Look at the internet or magazines for inspiration, and think about how you could put outfits together.
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    Go clothes shopping! It's a perfect opportunity to seek out some bargains and find pieces you love. Don't feel that you have to go to really expensive stores- TXMAXX, Primark and New Look are all great as they have loads of clothes,shoes etc, as well as some great jewelry. Shop wherever you want, and you can buy anything. Some great things to own as essentials are below, as long as some others which are just for fun but will add a real interest and look to your wardrobe.
    • Jeans- boot cut, wide leg or skinny.
    • Hoodies- like jumpers and cardigans, they come in bright colors and are casually cosy.
    • Jumpers- forget heavy, itchy uncomfortable sweaters- a colorful, stretchy one in either V/round necked is much better.
    • Cardigans- so cardigans may not be your idea of fashion, but have you considered long ones? They are simple but elegant.
    • T-shirts/shirts/vests- some basic ones in block colors like blue, green, red, white and black are good and you could get some with really cool pictures or patterns which look great on everyone.
    • Dresses/skirts- they don't have to be plain or boring! Dresses with a plain top but a ruffle/any other effect skirt look amazing, and you can choose from classic styles to more modern trends. Skirts don't come in just plain black or cotton- how about a colorful pattern? One big print? High or low waistband? They aren't essential but for a party or glamorous event, they are a good choice.
    • Pyjamas- still look good at nighttime! A pair which are quite heavy should be worn in winter but for spring/summer when its getting a bit hotter, a lighter pair are good to have as spares. Find a pair with a really sweet design.
    • Underwear- should fit perfectly, and not be boring! There are lots of of knicker and sock styles, and bras should be supportive and so you cant' feel them very much, i.e. not too small or too big.
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    Have the right footwear. Now for shoes. Sneakers, trainers, pumps, heels, sandals etc are all in the shops. For a rock and roll twist, biker/military lace up boots look good teamed with something simple and to wear with almost anything, a pair of awesome Converse All Star in your favorite color. Shoes make a real statement, so have fun finding some nice ones.
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    Accessorize. Bead bracelets and bangles look great worn as a set. Charms are cute. Long pendants or big chunky necklaces worn against a simple top make a maximum impact. Earrings and rings are pretty. Details like flowers, stars, flowers, prints and even your favorite things look amazing on jewelry too.


  • Look at all the tips below for fashion ideas, but feel free to alter them if you wish. You can always set your own trends and dress as you like.
  • Summer dress( maybe florals) with a waist belt, pumps and a loose long cardigan for summery days.
  • If you wear a really bright t- shirt which stands out keep the rest of your outfit plain so, like the floral skirt earlier, is the part you are looking at the most.
  • Dress in what your mood is.
  • A really bright floral skirt with just a neutral color like black let the skirt do the talking.
  • Skinny jeans and long cardigans flatter each other perfectly.
  • Skinny jeans, plain vest top and lace up military boots. Simple, but still looks unique.
  • Co-ordinate colors for a stylish look. Red, black and white, pink, white and black, blue, red and white, black, grey and coral and blue, green and black/dark grey are good combination's
  • Wear a plain top with maybe a patterned hoodie/cardigan so it's not too boring.
  • Some clothes which go great together are .....
  • If you really want to stand out, go for bright coloured clothes.
  • Black/grey dress, black tights and converse. A rock and roll twist which really works!
  • Skinny jeans, stripy top, pull over/ zip up hoodie and plain pumps.


  • Never shop somewhere just because everyone else is. Super dry and Hollister may be popular at the moment, but don't feel you have to splash out on them unless you really want to. If you're happy where you shop and find good stuff, than that's fine.
  • Only wear stuff which is comfortable and you're happy wearing.

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