How to Have a Good DJ Party

It's easy to have a pumping, rocking DJ party with a little forethought and some spending up front.


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    Get a decent sound system. A bad sound system equals to bad music quality.
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    Make sure it has a large wattage. 150 watts is good amount. If your starting out doing little house parties for younger kids. You really need to get an amp that has 300 watts per channel and speakers that can handle the power output. The more shows you do, you want to have two or more amps and a mixture of speakers including subs. Even bigger shows more watts and more power handling speakers.
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    Get decent music of the party type. Either ask people what music they like and get it, or just have a mixture of genres. Mainly popular music on the charts would work, but just in case, get some old classics to balance it out.
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    Get a decent microphone for announcements.
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    Get a good DJ. Or, if you are the DJ, then get some practice. Keep a steady beat when transitioning because it can throw people off while they are dancing.


  • Keep an eye out for how patrons are reacting to the music. Watch for people covering their ears and for bobbing heads. Check the volume yourself by walking around the room.
  • Have a lot of songs and vary them depending on the time available at the party.
  • Try to mix a funky new song for the party.


  • Don't let there be drinks around your equipment or music.
  • Don't get too much of one genre.

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