How to Have a Good Day

Have you been a regular victim of horrible days that involve stepping on gum, birds pooping on you, and cars splashing mud all over your wardrobe? Well, with this article, you can have an excellent day with minimal effort.


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    Smile and be kind. By doing this you will radiate a positive wave and attract people. Help others in need, maybe donate some money to charity, do community service like help at homeless shelters, or just be a shoulder to cry on. The people around you will feed on your energy, and will carry it. So if you display a sunny disposition, the people around you will feel good too.
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    Exercise. Yoga is a good form of relaxation, meditation and exercise. It's best to take professional lessons as it will keep you motivated. This will probably be most enjoyable in the morning or at the end of the day. Also consider taking pilates which also relaxes your body in a calming, healthy way.
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    Have a good night's sleep. That way you wake up feeling fresh and energized. Sleep at least 8 hours a day. Did you know scientists have proved that losing just 20 minutes of sleep can bring down an A+ student to a C? That means less concentration, less energy, and that groggy feeling. That's how much sleep is important to the human body. It's easier to go to sleep early than wake up early, so why not give it a try?
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    Begin the day with a glass of water. Being hydrated can make you feel a lot better and it's a great way to start the day. Plus drinking plenty of water is great for your skin. Try to add some lemon juice that can give you a refreshing start for the day.
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    Begin your day with a nice shower. Use your favorite soap and get really clean. Make sure that you have a towel ready for when you get out of the shower. Put the clothes that you're going to wear in the dryer for about 3 minutes so that they're warm when you put them on. Get ready for your day.
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    Eat breakfast. Go on Google and find some recipes. There are loads of quick and easy, but oh-so-tasty and healthy recipes available! Breakfast is the most important meal of the day- having a great breakfast means loads of energy and your brain will function better. Remember to keep it in moderation and give yourself time so you won't be late. And try to have variety, the same cold cereal each day can become monotonous and can add gloom to your day.
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    Invite friends over, talk, and relax. Do something that you like to do and have a good time.
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    Be spontaneous. Sometimes doing something new or straying out of your routine could make your day much more exciting. Today doesn't have to be just another day, so let yourself enjoy it and make it as unique as possible. This includes following your whims. Doing the unexpected can help spice up your day and add some interest.
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    Don't concentrate on the negative. There will always be something that you can find that will bother/annoy you. You just have to ignore those things or accept that they exist and that's just the way it is. Concentrate on the good things that are happening and don't let yourself get hurt by something someone said or did. Try not to compare yourself to others, as this will only lead to disappointment and the feeling of never being satisfied with your good self.
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    Do something you're scared of. Whether it's bungee jumping or just calling a new friend, let yourself do something you fear doing. You'll feel proud of yourself later for accomplishing it and be more confident in your doings. Remember, anything's possible as long as you believe.
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    Even if you don't feel like it,try to be nice to everyone. That gives out the "I'm a person you want to know!" signal.
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    Smile. You want your happiness to radiate and influence others.
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    Do what's necessary first. Ignore external distractions, unless the adult is teaching something/talking. Finish the most important task first, then the smaller things.
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    Be respectful, and have good manners. Like being positive, try to be a good person and don't spoil a moment for people. Just do the right thing, even if they think it's wrong, you know it's for the better.
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    Patience. The time for everything will come, just waiting is a little hard to keep. It's natural to be a little impatient, but force yourself to just stop, and calm down and look at what's current. If you can't get out your message, determine if it's Important, then go ahead.
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    Behind the scenes. When you know your doing the right things, you may notice 90% of others are annoying, mean, gossiping, etc. So, if you compare yourself to others, sometimes it can feel better to know you're mature, and that there's always someone more fortunate or unfortunate than you.
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    Balance. Throughout the day, good and bad things will happen. A day can never be completely good, or bad. Striving to make a day better, doesn't always mean to feel more good, but to adapt to the new and uncomfortable aspects. To have a good day, is to want it better, do what's right, and tip two.
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    Selflessness. Of course your health comes first, but other than that, contribute to others, and make them happy, and they'll be relieved of your efforts. Remember, they only need/want what they can get from you.
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    Force.Try to make yourself do the right thing. Forget about all stress and distractions on the situation, and just go ahead to do what's necessary right away.


  • Plan or think about something you're excited about.
  • Listen to some music. Make sure it isn't so loud that it becomes overpowering. Try to keep it relaxing.
  • Don't dwell on the past. Focus on the future. Be positive!
  • Eat a good breakfast it will make you feel good and energetic for your day.
  • Put more effort into your appearance to increase confidence and boost self-esteem.
  • Always do what you feel is right... you will be a better person for it!
  • Surround yourself with friends that comfort you.
  • Kiss/hug someone.
  • Reminisce about good memories you have.
  • Go to the library/bookstore and get a book.
  • Clean the house the day before.
  • Be honest with others. Tell someone how you feel.
  • Ignore everyone who makes you feel bad about yourself, Try being like someone you admire but don't copy them .
  • Be positive from the start of your day.
  • Always smile and give people positive feedback even though you know its not the best. Keep it to yourself.


  • Don't set your expectations too high. Remember that the world doesn't get a memo that you want a good day, you have to make it yourself. And if you set them too high, your day can't possibly live up to it.
  • Don't drink alcohol or do any drugs. You can be much happier and have real fun without resorting to "artificial highs."
  • Don't use swear words.The world can live without them.

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