How to Have a Good Day at School (Teen Girls)

If you feel as if your days at school are getting worse and worse everyday, then these are some great ways to turn your day from drab to fab!


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    Make plans for the next day the night before. Maybe there is something you need to ask a friend, or homework you need to do? Note them down on something you carry around a lot, like your mobile phone.
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    Pack your bag with everything you need, like:
    • School books you may need
    • Lunch money or money for drinks/snacks
    • Additional money in case of emergency
    • Drink (preferably water)
    • Notepad (like Pukka pads)
    • Keys if you need them
    • Feminine Hygiene products (pads, tampons, liners)
    • Make-up pouch (if you use it)
    • Pencil case including ruler, calculator, pen, pencil, eraser, sharpener, protractor etc.
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    Make sure that you have all of your homework done the night before to avoid stress in the morning and during the day.
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    Wash your hair to save time in the morning. Use a nice scented shampoo and conditioner.
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    Use a beauty mask that will perk your skin up.
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    Find some comfy pajamas and think positive thoughts as you get ready for bed.
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    Read for a little bit before bed to relax. It will calm down your brain so that you'll get to sleep easier and faster.
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    Get your beauty sleep. Health experts recommend 8-9 hours for teenagers. For example, try going to bed at 10-10:30pm and waking up at 7:00
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    Set a catchy alarm on your phone that will get you up, but make sure it isn't so abrupt that it scares the living daylight out of you! If you can, choose a picture for the alarm that makes you smile, such as a funny picture of you and your friends. Give the alarm a name that is positive such as "You Rock!" or "You are Gorgeous!" as opposed to "Get Up."
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    Open your windows to get some light and fresh air in, even in winter. Who wants to get ready in the dark? Also, do not open your blinds that much, because people can see you getting dressed, depending where you live.
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    Have a shower and wash your face. You don't even have to wash your hair, since you did it last night, which means you don't have to go to school with wet hair or have to spend a bunch of time blow-drying it!
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    Turn on some music that you love and listen to it while you're getting dressed and doing your hair. Make sure to pick out an outfit that you like and feel comfortable in, because not having to worry about your outfit will make your day that much better. Wear your school uniform correctly if you have to.
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    Have a good breakfast. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, after all. Lots of girls skip breakfast, which is horrible! Without breakfast, your brain doesn't have enough energy to function, so you won't be able to concentrate on your schoolwork, which will make you feel flustered and stressed. You can avoid all of those negative emotions by simply eating some cereal and an apple!
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    Put on any make-up if you want to. , such as concealer or powder. Note that you don't need makeup to help you have a great day. If you feel confident without it, don't wear it! If you don't know how to apply makeup properly or you're too rushed in the morning and it looks sloppy, don't wear it! If your parents don't want you to wear makeup, don't wear it! Chances are, if you're in one of the 3 situations above, you'll feel better without makeup on anyway!
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    Remember: Looking good = Feeling good = Having a good day!
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    Listen to your favourite 'feel-good song' on the way to school!
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    Compliment others. You'll make them feel good about themselves, and you'll most likely get a few compliments back. Karma does good things sometimes!
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    Do good deeds throughout the day. They will make you and other people feel great.
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    Don't spend your time worrying about how others see yourself. Just try to feel confident, and remember that people are attracted to confidence. Chill and enjoy the day!
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    Have fun and laugh with your friends! Smiling and laughing reduces stress, as well as makes you healthier and releases endorphins that make you feel better! So laugh as much as you can, and don't forget to smile!
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    If you are alone and feel lonely with nobody by your side, visit the library and grab a book that looks interesting- or use your own of course. Then simply start reading and the time flies by so quick you barely notice!


  • If you want to appear different, don't suddenly change who you are and be a punk rock or a super girly person if that isn't the true you.
  • It would be best to keep makeup at light shades so you don't get in trouble.
  • Some good sentence starters if you were to meet someone new are: 'Hi, I'm (your name)'. Or 'Hi can I hang out with you for a bit?'.
  • Not got anyone to hang out with? Not got any friends? Then just go out there and meet some new people. Don't judge on how they look, but try to pick someone that isn't really... depressing. Otherwise it may put you in a bad mood, and you need the opposite!
  • Don't go straight for the popular groups in friends. Start a bit lower down and work you way up. Think of it as a pyramid of popularity.
  • Don't show off, and be yourself no matter who your around. This will get you the right friends.
  • Be happy with your day, and enjoy it in your own way!
  • Each night before school, pick out which clothes you want to wear and put together an outfit for the next day. This will save you at least a few minutes of time in the morning.


  • Don't worry about who you're with. If you're the type that can't stand to be alone and needs someone by their side the WHOLE day, then stick with a girl that's in all your classes, and don't worry how popular she is. If you're the type that doesn't really care whether someone's standing next to you or not, then good! It's very healthy and you'll look super confident standing there by yourself looking proud.
  • Do NOT put on pink or and red-related eyeliner on your eyelids. It will make them appear sickly.
  • If no one is in all your classes, then have a friend for each class or one friend for a few classes and another friend for another few classes.

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