How to Have a Girly Sleepover

Four Parts:Sending out invitationsPreparing for the sleepoverDuring the sleepoverActivities for the girly sleepover

Every girl needs a time to relax, have fun, and go crazy with her friends! From snacks to movies, from dancing and possibly even some sleeping, there are many activities to schedule for the sleepover event that make it as girly as you'd like.

Part 1
Sending out invitations

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    Think of a theme first before you send invitations out. That way, you can start the ball rolling with the invitation, and if you need guests to bring things for the theme, this can be included in the invitation. For example, if you do a girly award show theme make little awards and try to find a red carpet. Or, tell all of your guests to come in their girliest fanciest clothes.
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    Make a guest list. Even if you only have one guest coming you can still have some fun following these steps. It's a good idea to keep the group small, anything above six girls will become a bit rowdy and difficult for you to ensure everyone is having a good time. Plus, consider where everyone will fit for sleeping.
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    Send out the invitations. Don't pass them out at school, people will get jealous. Send them through the mail.
    • If that isn't possible, do it when people won't notice too much. Make sure you list anything they will have to bring, like sleeping bags, pillows, CDs, etc.
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Part 2
Preparing for the sleepover

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    Decide what food, snacks and drinks you'll have at the sleepover. Are you going to buy the food or make it yourself? Work this out well in advance. You could even consider making or baking food as one of the fun activities you do together.
    • Snacks aren't just for eating at movies, some will help you all to stay up late too. Have chips, sodas and sugary treats to help you not fall asleep. Soda has caffeine, candy has the sugar. But be warned! While eating candy is fun, and will help, your sugar could crash, which means that you will get really tired, and basically fall asleep.
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    Decorate the party areas. A couple of hours before the guests arrive, decorate to get the theme in place. Put pillows everywhere, bring out light healthy snack food. If you want, light some nice smelling candles, especially for the spa part.

Part 3
During the sleepover

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    Show everyone where to put things on arrival. Tell them where to put their clothes and such. If they are new to your house, show them around. Set some ground rules and stick to them. Say if your mom doesn't want you all to go into her office, don't!
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    Start with just some fun stuff for the daytime. Play a sport, or if you live near a beach or have a pool, go swimming! Leave the juicy gossiping and games for nighttime.
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    As the sun begins to set, go back in and head to the den, your bedroom, or wherever you choose. Let the gossiping begin! Boys make a good topic to start with.
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    Dance a bit. After you stop squealing from the cute boy gossip, get some CD's and dance! Make up a dance routine and practice it with them and teach them how the dance routine goes.
    • Throw a dance party. Get a disco ball. If you don't have one, search disco lights on your computer and turn off the lights and get some music to go with it and dance.

Part 4
Activities for the girly sleepover

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    Make a cool, funny videos and dance or something. When you're happy with it, post it on YouTube.
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    Have a pillow fight. Grab a pillow and blanket for shield and hit each other as hard as you can.
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    Have a spa treatment. Make little "stations" for the girls to cycle through. If one girl is awesome at manicure/pedicures, make her the manicure/pedicure person. If another girl is really great at make-up, make her the make-over person, then switch. You'll all look (and feel) extremely glamorous!
    • Give each other makeovers and new hair do's. Put on a mud mask or make your own. Put cucumbers on your eyes, lay down, and chat for a while.
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    • Look after everyone's skin. Make sure every trace of makeup is off before you all settle down to sleep. Going to sleep with makeup isn't good for your skin.
    • Hold a contest to decide who can do the best makeup.
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    Play Truth or Dare, Would You Rather, or similar games. Just have fun with it! For a fun game of Truth or Dare, give each girl a piece of paper and have her write down as many truths and dares she can think of. Put all the truths in one box or hat, and dares in another. Then have the person up pick one out of the desired container. Some other games to try include:
    • Sardines: This is like hide and seek, but in the dark. One person hides, and the rest of the people count. When you're done counting, go look but when you find her, don't say a word. Hide with her and it will eventually even down to the last person!
    • Sleeping Beauty: Don't worry, there is no kissing involved. Basically, one person lies down on the floor with her eyes closed, and everyone else has to make her laugh. When she laughs, the person who made her laugh takes her place.
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    Watch movies and eat plenty of healthy popcorn. Watch a movie, funny video whatever anything that is on the TV or computer.
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    Take lots of friendship photos with your friends. You want this to be a night that is never forgotten because it's so awesome and amazing! Also take photo selfies. Even if you are not a picture person, make random faces and take pictures. Maybe even take pictures and post them on a website.
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    Prank call friends you know won't mind. Don't do anything too scary though, like the whole breathe really heavy and say "I'm gonna kill you" thing or something like that. Make it funny!
    • If your friends won't get mad, and will think it is funny, prank them. Before your party you can tell one or two friends about the prank, and when the time comes, do the prank! Make sure that the person or people you are pranking won't get mad and leave your sleepover. You want this to be a fun sleepover. If you only invited one person, make sure she won't get mad, and prank her! In the end of your pranks, it should be giggles and saying, "remember when we did this". instead of crying and calling parents to pick the guest up. It should be a fun night!
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    Make a scrapbook full of memories from that sleepover. Make up nicknames for your boy crushes and write them down in a journal, take silly pictures and other things.


  • Make sure no one is allergic to any of the ingredients in the make up or something like that.
  • Provide a warm sleeping area for each girl, so they'll feel at home.
  • Keep the atmosphere light and happy.
  • Feel free to do these in a different order or put your own twist on things.
  • If you think you're going to make a mess (which with a bunch of girls you probably are), put a trash can in the sleeping area, but make sure it has a new trash bag; no one likes stinky garbage.
  • Try hitting the mall; go crazy! Try on wacky outfits that you would never dream of wearing. Who knows, maybe someone will think it looks cute including tutus and mingling accessories.
  • Make sure everyone likes each other. You don't want a fight at your perfect sleepover, do you?
  • Watch as many movies as you like.
  • Send emails or texts to the guests before the sleepover asking what food they like. Then go out food shopping for what they liked.
  • If you want to try to stay up really late ask everyone to bring some candy! When you're on a sugar high you won't fall asleep!
  • Make sure your guest does not feel home sick. Do offer your bed and ask her what makes her feel welcome.
  • It may be a good idea to plan some things out ahead of time because you don't want to be staring at each other.
  • If you have other family members asleep in the house, try not to be loud, just whisper.
  • Put make up on and do your hair before you get in your P J s, shower, face masks etc.
  • If there a movie that everyone else wants to watch, and you are scared of it, ask politely if you can see something else, and suggest a different film.


  • Keep the guest list short. Too many people could get out of hand!
  • Don't be so serious!
  • Make sure everyone you have invited to the sleepover are friends with each other and won't argue.
  • Don't make a mess (If you do offer to tidy up!)
  • Don't tell any scary stories because it's just not girly and you won't be able to sleep after that.

Things You'll Need

  • Makeup
  • Nail polish
  • Movies
  • Popcorn
  • Blankets
  • Pillows for everyone
  • Finger food
  • Notebooks and pens (for writing a sleepover plan)
  • Friends

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