How to Have a Girly Camping Sleepover

Sleepovers are great, but sometimes you want to change it up a bit. So why not have a sleepover in a tent? It's great fun and with this article you can make it a girly, exciting night.


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    Decide how many girls you'd like to invite, and who. If you have a clique, invite the friends you hang out with, at school or at a club. This is the best way of ensuring a comfortable, fun night for everyone, as the tent is a small place and you must all be okay with close quarters. However, a tent sleepover can be an interesting, eventful night, so if you have 1 or 2 new friends, it's a good way of getting to know each other and talking!
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    Get a tent and find space in your yard. You could do it in a campsite, but if everyone is round your house, more anxious people may feel safer knowing there are adults and a toilet near by. A bigger tent is better, as there is not only room to sleep, but room to move about and play games.
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    Decorate and fill your tent. Your guests don't want to be sleeping on a cold grassy floor. Make the tent look cosy and inviting, with mattresses, rolling mats, blanket, cushions and throws. If it's a birthday camping sleepover, you could put balloons in or around the tent. Make sure you have torches or a portable lamp so you have cosy lighting and you aren't stuck in the pitch black all night.
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    Get loads of delicious food. Ask your guests to bring a bag of sweets/chocolate/candy with them, and you can provide the rest. Bring popcorn, fizzy drinks (with plastic cups), pizza, sweets and chocolate. It may be a good idea to bring a small rubbish bin and put it in the tent for all the leftover treats.
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    Bring in a tablet or laptop and watch films. Films are a great way of starting a night off, and usually don't last until the end. Try and choose a film that will get you all talking, like a scandalous rom-com or tear jerking drama. You could even watch some scary movies, if you're all brave enough!
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    Play Spin The Bottle Truth or Dare/Would You Rather. This game is a must for girly sleepovers. After the film, take one of your empty pop bottles and find a flat surface. All the girls sit in a circle around the bottle and one person spins it. Whoever the bottle top lands on is asked by the girls a question of Truth or Dare or Would You Rather. This is a great way to break the ice, have a laugh, and find out more about each other.
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    Pamper each other. Bring in nail varnish, hair ties, bobby pins and make up and give each other makeovers! This is a fun, girly thing to do, and gives everyone something to do. You could even to a "Hairstyle Line", where you all sit behind each other and give the person in front of you a beautiful or crazy hairstyle.
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    Play midnight games. Don't stay cooped up in the tent all night! You could play Flashlight Tag (use the light beam as a tag tap), Hide and Seek, or Wink Murder. If your parents let you, you could even have a campfire and toast marshmallows!
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    Tell each other spooky stories. You could make up your own or get some from the internet. Sit in a circle and take it in turns to read one with your best spooky voice. If everyone is feeling a little creeped out by the end, you could read some funny ones. Switch it up and have a play with it.
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    Listen to music and dance. Go crazy. Beforehand you could make a sleepover playlist. Boogie to all of your favourite tunes and dance around in your sleeping bags! (Just make sure you don't wake up your parents!)
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    Have a photoshoot. If it's at night, make sure your phone or camera has a flash. Take creative, funny, or silly photos together with props or costumes. In the morning, while your guests are eating breakfast, you could print out the best pictures and give them to your friends as a souvenir!


  • Games you could play:
    • Word Association Game
    • Spin the Bottle
    • Would you rather
    • Never have I ever
    • The Confession Game
    • Hide and Seek
    • Wink Murder
    • Sardines
    • Flashlight Tag
    • Hum That Tune
    • I Went To The Shop And Bought...
    • Ugly Timer (put your phone camera on a timer and pass the phone round the circle, each of you makes an ugly face and the loser gets their ugly face taken!)
    • React and Act
    • Who can keep the straight face the longest
    • Pass the Orange
    • Blind Man's Bluff
    • Charades
    • Chinese Whispers
    • Two Truths One Lie
    • Consequences

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