How to Have a Fun Halloween Sleepover (for Girls)

Halloween is a very fun time for kids to enjoy themselves and gather treats and just have fun. But what turns out really fun is having a Halloween sleepover with your best friends.


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    Ask your parents. They shouldn't mind much. Explain you won't keep them up all night and you won't be a bother to them. You might think this is pointless, but if you put yourself in their shoes, it wouldn't be too good trying to sleep with a bunch of racket coming from the room next door.
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    Invite your friends. You should only invite up to four or five, but a lot of the time, it can be easier for your parents and more fun for you if you keep it at two to three girls. Also, if you plan on doing any partner activities, invite an even number of friends so no one is left out.
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    Make invitations. Use black paper as a backing and cover the main text paper with tea and put it in the oven. Burn holes in it if you wish. This will give it a spooky, old look. Wrap your invite in the fake cobweb you can get in places like Tesco and, if you live in the US, Walmart will probably sell them. Add a couple of spiders for a real effect.
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    Prepare the feast. Try mixing drinks like Fanta and Cherry Ale with Coke and Lemonade. Add an ice hand to make a bit of a stir. Look in the recipe book "Roald Dahl's Book Of Revolting Recipes" for more recipes. Serve sweets if you don't want to go trick or treating - but trick or treating is a great way to fill time at a sleepover, and for most people is a tradition. When you return, spill all your treats on your bedroom floor. High sugar levels are good for you at sleepovers but not so good for parents. Don't get too hyper.
    • Prepare ghoulish Halloween food. The Internet has many ideas for Halloween treats. Make a bloody punch with a hand floating in it. Make a cake that looks like a graveyard. Serve big bowls of bloody spaghetti guts. Display your food with flickering candlelight and a decorated table.
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    Games and Activities:
    • Bobbing for apples. Get enough large bowls of water for each guest to have their own. Put apples in each bowl of water, whoever first gets all the apples out of their bowl using their mouth, wins.
    • Trick or Treating. Go trick or treating around your village.
    • Play wink murder.
    • Have a campfire in your back garden
    • Prank call people but don't overdo it.
    • Watch scary age-appropriate movies.
    • Play with a Ouija board.
    • Get one of your parents to jump out on your friends.
    • Have a costume contest.
    • Tell spooky ghost stories outside or with all the lights out in the room when it gets dark.
    • Liver Toss- Put guests into pairs. Fill up a water balloon for each pair. Have each pair throw their water balloon to their partner. The last pair that didn't pop their balloon wins a prize.
    • HALLOWEEN Words- Give each guest a piece of paper with the word HALLOWEEN on top. Each person makes as many words using the letters in Halloween. After time is up whoever has the most words wins.
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    Treats 'n Guts- Fill a bucket with slimy foods to represent body parts. Put prizes at the bottom, and have the children try to find the prize.
    • Pass along Jack- This game is like Hot Potato, but with a small pumpkin.
    • Pin the Nose on Jack- This game is like Pin the Tail on the Donkey, but instead you are pinning the nose on a paper Jack-o-Lantern.
    • Mummy Wrap- Put the guest in pairs. Have each pair use toilet paper to wrap up their partner. Their partner's body must be completely covered with T.P. except for their eyes and nose. The "Mummy" must then be unwrapped by their partner and that person must be wrapped and unwrapped the same way. The 1st pair to complete this process wins a prize.
    • Sno-caps- Each person gets a straw and a cup. Everyone gets in a circle around a plate in the middle. The host pours Sno-caps on the plate. Everyone rolls a die and tries to get a 6. If a person gets a 6, she tries to pick up as much Sno-caps as she can with her straw and puts them in her cup until another person rolls a 6. That person repeats the process. The process repeats until all of the Sno-caps run out. The person with the most wins a prize.
    • Shadow Puppets
    • Psychiatrist- One person is chosen as the psychiatrist. The psychiatrist goes into another room. The rest of the guests agree on their "problem", such as, they think their elderly people with chickens on their heads. The people with the problem act like they have it, and the "psychiatrist" is called into the room with the rest of the people. The psychiatrist has to figure out what the problem is.
    • Apple Race- The guests get on their hands and knees and push an apple with their nose to the finish line. The person who gets their first wins a prize.
    • Bobbing 4 Worms- Cover gummy worms with a lot of whipped cream, and have the guests find their gummy worm without using their hands. The first person to find their gummy worm wins a prize.
    • Guess the Number of Candy Corn
    • Ghost Bingo- Bingo, but with Halloween characters
    • Halloween Character Charades
    • Halloween Who am I?- The Game Who am I?, but with Halloween characters
    • Halloween Hangman- Hangman, but with Halloween items/characters.
    • PiƱata
    • Scavenger Hunt
    • Truth or Dare
    • Decorate cookies/the cake/cupcakes
    • Blind Makeovers
    • Halloween Trivia
    • Blindfolded Self Portraits
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    Tell scary stories. Turn out all of the lights and tell scary stories. Give a prize to the person who can tell the scariest one.
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    Go all out with decorations. Halloween is one holiday where you can't overdo the decorations. Discount stores have a large selection of creepy decorations for the holiday, many of them animated, lighted or with eerie sound effects. Fake spider web is a cheap way to add a creepy touch all over your house. Invest in a CD of spooky Halloween sound effects to play during the evening, or you can always:
    • Use cereal boxes as grave stones to go up the path with your friends names on them.
    • Buy Halloween decorations from your local store (Tesco, Pound shop, Walmart, $1 dollar shop)
    • Make your own! Be creative.
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    Dress your brother up in your clothes. Do his makeup, put him in some of your clothes, and take him trick-or-treat with the rest of the girls!
    • Buy some mini pumpkins and have all your guests carve their own pumpkin and have a competition to see whose was the best. (Have help carving by an adult if you are 12 and under).


  • If you are allergic to something, make sure not to eat any of the sweets that contain that ingredient. Instead trade them for something different.
  • Go trick or treating at a sensible time.


  • Never go into the homes of people whom you do not know well (and trust).
  • Never eat candy without wrappers on.
  • Don't knock on doors if there is a sign saying 'No trick or treaters please.'
  • Be careful with Ouija boards. They might seem fun, but sometimes they can be very dangerous.
  • Make sure if you are under 12 that you have an adult walking with you.
  • No overage movies.

Things You'll Need

  • Cobwebs
  • Spiders
  • Black paper
  • Toilet paper
  • Fizzy drink
  • Apples
  • Toffee apples kit
  • Decorations
  • Cereal boxes
  • Food
  • Candy corn
  • Whipped cream
  • Candy

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