How to Have a Fun, Profitable Dog Wash

Two Parts:PlanningMake sure you have everything!

Whether you're bored on a nice summer day, wanting some spending money, or saving up money for something you want, this is a great way to help out pet owners and earn some cash.

Part 1

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    Plan a good time for your dog wash.
    • Choose a sunny, warm day/weekend. People walk their dogs on sunny days, so they'll walk right over to you!
    • Don't plan on a holiday. People could be out of town, and that's losing customers!
    • Don't have it on a weekday, either. People are going to be tired from working, and not have much free time.
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    Choose a good place to have your dog wash.
    • Make sure you have permission to use the area, no matter where you are. A park or a school might work, if you can get permission, but if not, your yard or drive-way will probably fit the bill.
    • Try to use a grassy area, so pets won't hurt their feet.
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    • Put up flyers and make posters, in advance, so people know ahead of time.
    • Tell your friends! And ask them to spread the word.
    • Think about a gimmick to get more attention. Maybe you could have a mascot? Or maybe dress up as dogs. Get creative!

Part 2
Make sure you have everything!

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    Have everything ready.
    • Buy hypo-allergenic dog shampoo/soap. (Oatmeal dog shampoo is cheap, smells good, and works well. )
    • Have large buckets/containers ready (dog-sized). You'll need one for cleaning, and one for rinsing.
    • Have running, fresh water. Hose-water works well. Needed for re-filling buckets and for water bowls! Doggies get thirsty.
    • Have lots of towels, and some type of clothes line or string from tree to tree, so they can dry and be reused.
    • Dog treats! After getting cleaned and dried, those doggies will probably be tired! They deserve a nice reward. (It's best to bring the box the treats came in, so the owners can check for anything their dog's allergic to. )
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    Staff it with great people. Don't try to handle the job alone - most dogs will require handling by multiple people.
    • Have at least two people. When cleaning, one person needs to keep the dog calm, and the other, clean the dog.
    • Be happy! People tip cheerful people.


  • Play with the dogs!
  • Have a safe place to keep your earnings.
  • Have a blanket for the other dogs to lay on while they wait to get washed.
  • Try to be kind of fast, but still do a really good job.
  • Don't charge to much or too little. Consider dog size in your pricing schemes.


  • Have permission first. Don't forget that.
  • Always have water! If the animals are waiting, on a hot day, they could get dehydrated. You don't want that.

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