How to Have a Fashion Theme Birthday Party

Some girls love parties, but what kinds of parties do they like? Many like Batman- or Spiderman-themed parties. But some girls love fashion. All the sparkles and glamour, the dress-ups, the runway.... So how can you throw your little girl a fashion-themed party that she and her friends will never forget? See Step 1 below to learn how.


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    Send out fashion-themed invitations. Invitations are very important when planning the party. Don't feel like buying any? That's okay! Make some! It will be a joy for you and your daughter. Make sure you add the RSVP information, time, date, location, and of course, the theme!
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    Plan the party out. What games will be played?
    • A good relay race game is called "Fashion Run". There are two teams, and each team gets shirts, pants, glasses, hats, jewels, and shoes in a suitcase. The first person puts on everything and runs to the other side of the room and says, "Happy Birthday, [girl's name]!" and runs back and takes off everything. When she reaches her team, the next girl goes and does the same. The first team to finish is the winner.
    • Another game is "Fashion Hunt". Divide the guests into teams. Give each team a stack of fashion magazines and a list of fashion items to find in the magazines (Gucci bag, yellow flip flops, etc.). The first team to find all the items on the list is the winning team.
    • Another activity you can do is designing! You and the other guests at the party can give out paper and have the guests design an article of clothing. The best design wins and can get a prize!
    • Fashion runway! You can either ask guests to bring something that may seem "in style" or "trending" at the moment and make some sort of runway for them to display their finds. The runway could be in a hallway, or put a carpet or rug as if to make a runway.
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    Serve fashion-themed food and snacks! At a bake store, you can find cookie cutters shaped like shoes, purses, bows, etc. Use them to make fashion-shaped pizza, sandwiches and/or cookies. Remember that little girls can be picky or may have food allergies, so it's important that you have several options. At most kid birthday parties, you'll find juice boxes, mozzarella sticks, veggie/fruit/cheese platters, and some grown-up foods for the adults.
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    Make or buy a fashion-themed cake. If you choose to make your own, you could use a shoe-shaped cake pan or plastic Barbie high heels to decorate. Be creative! Add jewels, pink crystal sprinkles, etc.
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    Crafts: Buy elastic strings and beads and let the girls make these own necklaces, bracelets and so on .. you could also buy from a dollar store lipstick eyeshadow or any thing girl then let the girls make their own party bags. Another good idea would be if you made shirts for them with some sort of logo and gave it as a goody bag gift. Or you could make actual shirts at the party. The process is actually really simple. You can get some t-shirt transfers (Avery is a good brand) which can be ironed onto shirts. You design some sort of logo or find an image and print it onto the transfer, but be sure to flip the image so that it's reversed! Then iron on the image onto the shirt. It's a creative idea and lets the guests go home with a memory from the party.
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    At the end of the party take their bags and put the goodies inside, they will love it !
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    Have fun, use your imagination, and make up new ideas like having makeovers and dress ups.


  • take photos don't let memories go away
  • Make sure everyone is happy.
  • They're girls! Become a little girl again!
  • Play make my dress, the girls will be divided in pairs, and everyone should bring some clothes and accessories. Then, the girls in the pair mix up all the clothes and create as many outfits as they can with the clothes in ten minutes, and who makes more in ten minutes is the winner.
  • Have a fashion show!
  • Have some sort of contest that goes along with the runway and have some judges to judge the outfits and choose the best one. The winner gets a prize!
  • A pinata is never a bad idea!


  • Don't go nuts if the party goes a little wrong
  • Be easy and outgoing

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