How to Have a Disco Diva Party

Ever wanted the perfect girls party? Does it have to have friends, music, dancing, competitions, and fun? Of course it does! With this neat and easy checklist, warnings, things you'll need, and related searches, you will have the party of a lifetime!


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    Decide where the party is. A good place is the basement because it's usually got lots of space, the lights can be dimmed, and there's an Air Hockey table!
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    Decide on your guests. Have a reasonable amount of space to fit all of your guests into. This will also determine on what types of games you could play.
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    Clean your house, and clean yourself. It's best to shower before the guests come, so that you look clean (and have the proof) also so you don't get bad comments. And if you clean your house, your guests think that you're prepared!
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    Have good food and drinks. It's best that you actually have food and drinks. Have about 3-5 drink choices, and 4-10 food choices. Make sure you ask your guests about any allergies. You must have non-nut foods and drinks at your party.
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    Be ready when your guests arrive. How embarrassing would it be if your parents had to call you???
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    Have some boundaries. You don't want your guests going into your bedroom without your permission, would you?
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    Go over the rules. When all of your guests arrive, go over the rules and boundaries so they don't trash the place.......
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    Pick a time frame. When is your party going to start, and when it ends. For a disco party, the reasonable time is for about 6 hours. The party could start at 5:00pm and end at 10:00pm.
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    Pick a day. If your party is going over-time, you should make the party a Friday or a Saturday night.


  • Try to keep the party at motion, safe, and try to stick to the party's theme.
  • Have a reasonable eating area. If the area is somewhere like a... (hockey table, pool table, ect) Be careful to not spill anything, or just have the food at a table, or bar.
  • Never leave the door open for guests to just walk in. This may not be a safe idea in case strangers come in, hurt some people, and steal some things.
  • Never let guests wander around the house because they may break something, or do something that is not safe.
  • Try to keep everyone occupied by talking and including them in party activities.
  • Never invite someone that does not follow rules, not your friend, and is not nice to you.
  • Don't put food on the edge of the buffet table because you have no room, (just get another table)
  • After gathering the guests names, you should take attendance (just to see where they are, and when they will come, and if they are at the party or not) This is just to be safe, especially if you have a guest list higher than 15 people.
  • If you are having a dance competition or something physical, be sure that you eat AFTER or your guests might have to go home early because they were sick....
  • Make sure everyone likes the music that you're playing. If the music is inappropriate, don't play it or you will get in trouble.
  • Make sure you have paper or plastic plates or bowls.... this is to be safe (Don't break my mother's favourite bowl!!!!)
  • Try not to fight with anybody.
  • Have signs that lead from your door to the party's location: (Sign on the front door, the hallway wall, the basement door) If the party is downstairs, you have a sign on the door leading to downstairs... just so the guests know what they are doing, and where they are going.
  • You should write/type out a party plan so that you can get a good idea of what you're doing and when you're doing it.
  • Have signs that show where the parents are, the washroom, and the exit. This way, you will look super-organized, and people won't have to look for you..... :I
  • Have big signs showing where your exits and entries are (People need to know in case of emergencies)
  • According to your guests, don't send out invitations 2 weeks before your party or earlier. Guests might invite people that you don't even know.
  • Don't watch TV, or play on the computer when your guests are here... that will look bad and your guests will be bored watching you play on the computer.


  • Never put your disco balls beside a fabric or blanket material or your things might go on fire.
  • Make sure your friends parents are ok with guests coming to your party or your parents and you will get in trouble.

Things You'll Need

  • Curtains
  • Strong sticking material
  • Red carpet or blanket
  • Music
  • Paper
  • Publisher or a similar program (To make invitations, thank you notes, signs, etc.)
  • Wii Just dance
  • Disco Balls
  • Party place
  • Party hats and neck wear (Plastic new year's neck wears are fine)
  • A board game/games to play
  • First aid kit (in case someone gets hurt or barfs)
  • An adult (to supervise your party)
  • Clipboard, attendance of guests, pen
  • Place for guests to wait at
  • Food and drinks
  • A bathroom for your guests and yourself

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