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Four Parts:Planning for the PartyGetting Supplies ReadyGetting the Word OutHaving a Successful Party

Throwing a party requires much effort. There is so much preparing to do for a party, such as gathering supplies and spreading word about the party. A party pays off in the end because you end up having fun.

Part 1
Planning for the Party

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    Plan what type of party you are having. It could be a birthday or house party, depending on what you and your friends want. You should consider who is going to be coming, such as family and friends, and how many people you are inviting. If it is a birthday party, children will more than likely be present. If you are having a house party, more than likely you will mainly have friends.
    • Make sure you know what type of party you are having well in advance, with probably 2 weeks notice.
    • There are plenty of other parties. However, the main parties are birthday and house.
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    Decide where you will have your party. If it is a house party, reserve a dance hall. If is a birthday party, you can have it at home. You can have a house party at home, but you will need to find a bunch of equipment and a DJ.
    • Do not spend too much money on your party. If you are having a birthday party, it should not cost too much.
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    Make a guest list. You will need this for any party, and especially for a birthday party. You will need to have a maximum number of guests. If you are having friends over for a birthday party, only invite the closest friends.
    • You can easily have a party with a few people. There is no minimum.
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    Decide what the theme of the party is, if there is one. If there is a certain theme, you will need to note the proper attire in your invitation. If you are having a house party, it is recommended that your guests have a more informal dress. If the party is for a birthday, more formal attire would probably work best.
    • Not everyone might show up in the right theme, depending on the theme. Try to keep the theme relevant to the type of party.
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    Plan the entire party’s activities. In the beginning of the party, you should have something entertaining, such as certain dancing. Then you should have certain games like pool (if you have a pool table). You can even invite them to your hot tub or pool (if you have a pool).
    • Just make sure the party will not be boring.
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    Clean the house or hire a maid. Make sure your house or dance floor is clean before you have the party. Guests will more than likely stay for the entire party if the place is clean. The cleaner your party atmosphere is, the more your guests will be attracted to the party. It is wise to have a maid just in case you need help for larger house parties. If you are having a birthday party, then cleaning should not be much trouble.

Part 2
Getting Supplies Ready

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    Find some party gear. A disco ball adds particular fun to a dance party. If you put up decorations, people will be more attracted to your party. You can also build a light-up disco floor to make your place very party-friendly.[1] You could even have a hanging chandelier of glow sticks![2]
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    Get the food ready. Get all kinds of food, such as potato chips and dip, shrimp cocktails and desert. You should have a birthday cake for a birthday party.
    • Remember to provide an adequate amount of food for the number of people you have invited. More people means more food. If you're worried about providing enough, ask everyone to bring something to share.
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    Find a DJ or make your own CD playlist. Depending on where you throw your party and what type of party you are throwing, you might or might not need a DJ. If you can play your own music, this will save you the hassle of finding a DJ. You can play music videos from your smartphone with a projector, which is a really cool idea.[3]You can even invest in wearing a sound system on your back, which will play the music![4]
    • You do not necessarily have to play newer music. You can play older music, which is appealing to many people to this day.
    • It would be wise to hire a DJ for a bigger party, especially if you have plenty of space for the party.
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    Get other supplies for the party. You might need alcohol, bottled water, and some food. Most people are going to want alcohol, so have an ice chest full of beer ready. People get thirsty when they are dancing, so they will need to stay hydrated with water. Make sure you have plenty of snacks ready.
    • You might even need someone to help you serve food and drinks.

Part 3
Getting the Word Out

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    Put out fliers and other advertisements that would get people interested in your party. You can put out stuff outside of your place to let people know where your party is, such as glow sticks in balloons.[5] Hang posters in public places, such as the library, that has an RSVP option. You can also RSVP via social media, such as Facebook and Twitter.
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    Get to know different DJs if you need to use a DJ. Build relationships with people, and you will meet a DJ.[6] You can look up DJs online and meet them later on in person. You should try to ask musicians in person to get a better idea of the DJ that you might hire. Look up DJs online to find a DJ that is a great match for your party.
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    Spread the word about the party. Tell people about the party in general public areas, such as at the store. You never know who will help you out with a party, especially if you need help setting one up. Word-of-mouth is the best way of networking to get a party started. Building relationships is important, because everyone is related in some way.[7]
    • You do not necessarily have to just use word-of-mouth to spread the news of your party. Use of other types of invitations, such mail and the Internet, works fine too.

Part 4
Having a Successful Party

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    Introduce yourself to people. Make friends at your party, which is a great way to build relationships. Dancing encourages social interaction, and you should attract people.[8]
    • You do not necessarily have to keep friends, but networking is good for you in the long run.
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    Enjoy the music. Listening to a variety of music is good, and you can even learn about new artists. Music will make you happier and is a good way to relieve stress. It is good to listen to a variety of genres, which will expand your general interest in music.
    • Dancing is good exercise and can release endorphins, which really relieves stress.
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    Ask for help cleaning the party up at the end. If you are throwing a house party, you can hire a janitor to stack chairs, mop the floors and throw away the left over food. If you are having a birthday party, then you should put up any food that is not eaten, clean up wrapping paper, boxes, etc. You should have your family give you a hand, since they would be a great help.


  • The lighting should be dark, which will make it more appealing to the pop culture.
  • A good DJ light will cost about 100 dollars, but it's worth every penny if you know there will be future parties like this. All the new ones are now LED, and draw very little power. They can be used anywhere as you just plug them in and have a great time!
  • There are great secondhand stereo systems for sale at garage sales and the like. They are very inexpensive and have great sound quality. Most of it is unwanted due to being obsolete, but is great for parties. Make sure it is loud enough for the area without damaging components and that it works properly.
  • You do not need to find a DJ that does not care to appeal to the crowd’s musical interests.[9]
  • Keep the party simple, because you do not need to spend too much money on just one party.
  • It is ideal to dance on a wooden or hard-surface floor, since this will save your carpet from wear and tear.
  • Take pictures for memories.


  • Do not laugh at the way other people dance.
  • Make sure the party atmosphere is clean before you throw the party.
  • Do not dance too long--take water breaks. You can become easily dehydrated if you dance too much.
  • If having this party during the summer, make sure your air conditioner is on. Even if the temperatures are below 80 degrees, things will heat up quickly and make the place uncomfortable. Turn it on a few hours before the party starts so the house is cooled off before guests arrive.
  • If hosting for the under 21 crowd, do not serve alcoholic beverages. The police may be called and there will be serious consequences.

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