How to Have a Cute Dog

Everyone who has a dog wants to make them say "Aw, how cute!" Well, this page can help!


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    Grooming is always essential to make your dog look cute. Nobody thinks a stinky, dirty, muddy, and matted dog is adorable! Bathe, brush, clean the ears, eyes, brush the teeth, clip the nails, and spritz with a little doggie cologne. For more specific details on grooming, check "How to Groom A Dog" article.
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    Teach them basic obedient training. Nobody likes even the cutest dog that yaps, pulls on the leash, or doesn't sit or stay when told! Teaching tricks is even cuter.
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    Get them socialized with other dogs! Everyone thinks a dog is cute if it likes their dog!
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    Get them socialized with people. If the dog exhibits excessive barking or jumping on people, this can be anti-social. Proper training is recommended to correct such behavior.
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    Cute collars make every dog look amazing!
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    If your dog will let you, dress her up! Don't think that only small breeds can be limited to clothing, you can dress up larger breeds too, if you know where to buy the clothes (internet is very useful). Don't make your dog dress up if it doesn't want to, although many dogs purely enjoy being dressed.
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    Love your dog. Everyone thinks an owner and dog "couple" is adorable!


  • Remember dogs skin is very sensitive and can be bothered easily by things like itchy collars, harsh shampoos, and even too much sunlight(dogs can get burnt too)!
  • Don't make your dog wear clothing if he/she doesn't like it. If they don't like it, don't make them wear it. They are cute even without it!
  • If you have a small dog, you can carry them in a cute carrier.
  • Remember to bring your dog to a pro groomer at least once every two months. The home grooming should maintain their work.


  • Don't make a dog be carried around in a carrier if they don't like it, they could feel claustrophobic!
  • Don't get clothes too tight for your dog!
  • Train her/him correctly!

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