How to Have a Cheap Party

This is a guide to a very important event in everyone's life— a birthday party. On top of feeding everyone and having a spectacular cake, can drain your wallet. You'll find some ways to having a cheap party, yet create so much excitement that but one that people will talk about the party for weeks and remember it always.


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    Share the cost. Joint parties are a really good way to have a party as the cost is shared between you and can also make the total cost much cheaper.
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    Rent a hall. You can rent a hall and have as many people as you want for a set cost and, if your child is younger, you can also have them set up a bouncy castle and games. Be advised, though, that they may not have this available at every hall.
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    Create some inexpensive snacks. Snacks are important in a party and can be expensive if you have a lot of mouths to feed. But, to the children, food is the most unimportant thing there is. So if you just put out a big bowl of crisps, some vegetables, and some basic sandwiches and they will be happy. Never put out food that needs to be fiddled about, The basics will make the kids happiest. - Give them something they can grab and run. If it is teenagers, then pizza is always a good choice. Try to keep the cost to a minimum by going to your cheapest local supermarket and finding the best prices.
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    Assemble some party favors. For a younger child's birthday, instead of giving plastic junk, you can buy a cheap set of books online put them on a table and let each child chose one and a piece of cake. For a teenager, they may not want any party bags; but, if they do, then, for a girl, put some nail varnish and beauty style products and sweets into the bag; for a boy offer some cake, sweets and goo/magic tricks. You can purchase everything very cheap from pound stores or online.
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    Pull together bags for the party. This is a really good idea for younger children where they can design a paper bag which will be their goody bag and then they will create and decorate things which will then go in their goody bag. This is a very cheap solution because you are paying for the cost of the party and goody bag as one.
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    Supply an ample amount of cake. Cake is quite easy to get hold of. It can easily be found in almost every supermarket, store-bought cakes might sometimes be found at reasonable prices. You could also have the party making and decorating the cake where everyone gets together to all make the big birthday cake and then each take a bit home. Again, this is the cost of the party and goody bag lumped together.


  • Find the cheapest options, but make sure that your child is going to enjoy it.
  • Keep the number of children down as you don't want it to get to hectic. This can also cut the costs.

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