How to Have a Car Boot Sale

A car boot sale can be a great way to make some quick cash, or to help get rid of some of those things lying around doing nothing around your home. However, having a successful sale will depend on many different things, and hopefully this article will show how to make your sale a great one!


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    Make sure you're allowed to have a car boot sale. For example, in the United Kingdom, it's required that you get a license from your local council first. Knowing you have gained the proper permissions for a sale will give you peace of mind and help you avoid a fine, as well as reassure customers you are not a troublemaker.
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    Go through your possessions and work out what you want to sell. Go through all your rooms, draws and cupboards. If you think there is something you could sell at a car boot sale, then put it into a selling pile. Anything really does go at a car boot sale, so dig deep into your closets for clothing, toys, kitchen utensils, and whatever else you want to get rid of!
    • When you have a pile with potential items ready, check that everything is in good condition. Would you buy it in its current condition? If the answer is no, try to clean it up or make it more acceptable. If you can't, take it out of the selling pile.
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    Decide your prices that you are going to sell your goods for. Bear in mind that most potential buyers are usually bargain hunters, so to get more stock sold, try to lower the price a fraction. This will not only help more stock to be sold, but also earn you a reputation as a great place to go in the future.
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    Advertise! People are not going to come to your sale if they don't know about it. Why not try making some posters, or posting/handing out leaflets?
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    Carefully wrap/box up items securely but easy enough to unwrap on the day. There is nothing like getting to your location and struggling to set up your sale. This can be potentially embarrassing and damage your reputation. However, if you are having the sale outside our home, wrapping up products is not always necessary, except for in the event of bad weather etc.
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    Arrive at your sale destination. Be sure to get there early to get a good spot, as well as getting your products all set out nicely. Remember, presentation can make or break your sale. A messy table will not attract as many customers as a clean and tidy looking one.
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    Start selling! This is the fun part, as you are going to make money. Remember to be friendly, but do not be afraid to report trouble makers. Also, keep an eye out for thieves. A place like this can be a heaven for thieves. Keep an eye on your items and hard earned cash at all times!
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    Once the sale is over, remember to leave the area just as you found it. Start to pack away any unsold items you may have left over.
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    Go home, and start counting the money you have made! Hopefully you will have made some serious money, which can then help in many ways. Whether it helps paying the bills, buying gifts for Christmas, or even treating yourself, it will certainly help.


  • If you're selling DVDs or CDs, always put them to the side so the buyers can read the title. Most of the time, buyers can't be bothered to flick through all the DVDs or CDs because it can take too long.
  • Don't put up your prices too high though either. This will deter buyers, and leave you with a lot of stock remaining towards the end of the sale!
  • Price things more than you really want. Then it's easier to get the prices you want. This is a trick commonly used all over the United Kingdom - the home of the car boot sale, today. Sometimes you can make 10% - 20% more money for your items.
  • Don't give in to pressure all the time. Sometimes customers can push their luck and try to get an item a lot cheaper than your asking price. Be firm but fair. Always have an ideal price you would want to take and then your lowest offer you would take and try to compromise.


  • Never be violent or aggressive, as this will ruin your reputation, and again, you could get in serious trouble with the law.
  • Do not sell dangerous items such as knives, guns or drugs(even cutlery could be classed as dangerous). These could be used against somebody in a bad way, and as a result you can then be punished for supplying them.
  • Watch out for people who steal, as when you back is turned people would take your items for sale especially when the traders are around as they are least afraid to open closed boxes or to nag about what you are going to sell.
  • Watch out for traders. These are people who come really early to buy things, and then sell them for a higher price at their own stall. This is illegal, so be sure to so stop somebody if they try to buy unnecessary amounts of random things. If you see an item you sold to somebody on their stall, tell a security guard immediately.
  • Never sell fake items, as this can land you in some trouble with the law, and even cost you time in prison, or a hefty fine.If your product is fake at least state it and do not attempt to sell it as a real item.

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