How to Have a Bright Unique Style

Wanna be the fashion icon at school? Girls will envy you for your fun and colorful style, and talk all about it. You might envy that girl now, but soon enough, she'll envy you!


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    Go through your closet, and sort it through these 3 piles:
    • Donation, try Goodwill, or Plato's Closet. At Plato's closet, you get money back, and maybe you can pick another outfit instead of money for a one-of-a-kind outfit!
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    • Throw out. These clothes will be too worn out, or stained so terribly that you'd feel bad to give it to a Donation place.
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    • Keep. These will be anything bright or colorful, and you have to actually like it. It would be really good if you can layer it.
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    Figure out what your colors are. In the 80s it was popular to figure out what season you were. Your season is based on skin, hair, and eye color and tells you which colors will really make you glow.
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    Go shopping. Anything that has something bright or colorful and layered would be good. Get things like circle tops, racer-back tops, neon colored tube tops, bright scarves, and dark wash to medium wash jeans. If you wanna go really bright, you can buy purple, pink, or blue jeans too, but make sure you don't end up looking like skittles when you go to school with them on. For winter shoes, you can wear different colored converse, classic lace-up vans, boots (If you don't get Uggs or Emu, then try to get boots that don't have an emblem or a label.) For the summer, get cute flip flops like Havaianas, flats (good for winter too), and gladiator sandals (Flat ones). Buy clothes that flatter your figure, hair color, skin color, and eye color. Opposites pop.
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    Now try going to forever 21, or somewhere else for some cool accessories. Get a bunch of headbands, necklaces, bracelets, and huge rings. Owl rings are really cute.
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    Put your new and old clothes in piles. If blue, brown, cream, and green all match together, then put it in the same pile. If pink, cream (mentioned before, you can do that), and grey match all together, put them in the same pile. when you go to the 1st pile, then you can pair one shirt with every shirt you have, which narrows it down A LOT. Same with all the other piles.
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    Try the outfit on with accessories and shoes, and see how you like the outfit. When you go to school, you have to think your outfit is effortless, like it's as good as old sweats and a plain old Hanes tee, but don't bag on your outfit. And even when your walking with nobody to your classes, smile (But don't pose) like paparazzi are taking pictures. Try to look your best!


  • Try to wash your face, brush your hair, or optionally put some makeup on. You can look well-groomed in a plain shirt and jeans, looking okay, but even in a Chanel gown smelling bad and untidy hair, you won't look pretty.
  • Don't just dress bright and colorful, be bright and colorful. Be unique, but don't just change your personality for the way you dress.
  • If people ask you where you got your clothes, just say, "I don't know," You don't want people copying you, do you?
  • Dress to impress even when you're just going to the library or the supermarket, because you never know what hottie from school might be hanging out there, while your in your dirty soccer shorts and mud-caked sneakers! Not cool!


  • You might get in violation of dress code, so try to look at the dress code before you go shopping. If you can't wear tank tops to school, and you bought one, layer!

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