How to Have a Blast Party

Is it your birthday or your 20th anniversary? Ideas for your blast party and planning tips are just around the corner. Read on, then steel yourself for the barrage of compliments after your blast party.


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    Provide fun games. If you want your guests to be involved in your party, have games like Truth or Dare and other chat games.
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    Play fun music. Up-tempo beats, catchy lyrics, mood music-- It all can work. Focus on supplying nice music so that your guests enjoy each other and the festivities too.
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    Supply never-ending drinks. Make tasty, healthful drinks available to all and never run out. Supply water and not-so-healthy drinks. Make sure there is something for everyone's tastes and plenty for all.
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    Give fun door prizes and exit gifts. Handbags full of toiletries and chocolates for the gals, Small storage boxes with a range of music CDs and movie DVDs for the guys. Use your imagination and fit the gifts to the crowd.


  • Pay attention to your guests and be prepared to offer a fresh surprise activity every hour.
  • Don't be so busy that you are in the kitchen all time. Get out and mingle. Take pictures of the fun.


  • Don't irritate your neighbours with loud songs.

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