How to Have a Ballet Party

Sometimes it is hard to come up with an idea for a party, but one great kind of party could be a ballet party. Although hosting one is easier said than done, it is not a common party, so many ideas for a ballet party are not really out there. Luckily, this article is here to give you a few tips!


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    Consider hiring a teacher or coach. If you'd rather not do this, then you could always host the party yourself if your child does ballet. That way, they could could teach their friends some moves. A lot of kids don't need much to be entertained. Even if you have never even done ballet before, just get a few videos off of the internet, or read articles on wikiHow about ballet.
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    Make sure that you have enough space inside of your house for the party. The venue does matter! Think wisely - if you have a rather small house, then don't have the party at home, but if you have a rather large area in your home, then don't hesitate to host your party there. If an at home party doesn't suite you, there is always the possibility of hurting out a church hall or area in which to have your party.
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    Cook plenty of dishes for your guests. It is a kids' party, so they will most likely be very hungry at many different times during the party. At parties like this, it's best to have food after all the dancing. If it's the other way around, then people might start to feel sick, as it's not good to move a lot after eating. Have snacks like crisps, biscuits, cake, sandwiches, fruit, carrot sticks, party rings, and little pizza slices. Put out water for people to drink.
    • If you wanted to go for the non buffet meal, then have a set menu of three or four meals. For example, you could decide on fish and chips, pizza and chips, chicken nuggets and chips, and just chips. That way, all of the party guests are bound to like at least one of the meals that are on the menu.
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    Consider sending out invitations, and at the end of the party, give each person a party bag. Invite a minimum of 20 to 30 people just to be safe. However, you can invite less than that if you wish. In the invitation, be sure that you note all the normal things, such as what time it runs until, when to R.S.V.P by, etc. but also add what to bring, wear, and so on. For the party bags, put in ballet related items and a few sweets and a piece of cake. The ballet related items for the bag could be a ballet key ring, bun net, coloring picture - anything that's associated with ballet.
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    Create costumes for the guests who are dancing to wear. Obviously, most of the people coming to the party will not be amazing ballet dancers and in that case, will most likely not have the correct gear. In this instance, you could ask everyone to come along in a place with ballet gear, if they have one, or just comfortable clothes that aren't to warm.
    • Ballet is hard work! The fact with ballet shoes is, it is not that easy to get your hands on twenty pairs for a party. You could ask them just to come in socks or foot knickers, or if they have ballet or dance shoes, come in them.
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    Start the party. At the party, remember that there will be lots of different abilities of dancing, so it must be hard to teach different levels. Consider learning different ballet moves. For example, you can learn them from twenty to thirty (they can be any level). You can learn some dance routines choreographed by the party host or found off the internet (keep in mind the age and ability of the kids). Try coming up with a dance routine and learn it.
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    Use a pro. This is sometimes the best idea. That way, you know that the person teaching has child experience and actually knows ballet and how to teach it! Also, they will have a really good party scheme plans and will be able to teach very well. Of course, it may be a little on the pricy side, but if you are willing to go full out, then this may be a great idea for your party.


  • When you are planning the party activities, be sure that you keep in mind the age of kids. Don't teach them a routine meant for 12 year olds if they are only 6!


  • Make sure not to tire the kids out too much. You don't want to get into trouble when one of the children has passed out.
  • When planning what food you are going to serve, be aware of the allergies and health problems of the children attending the party and work around them.

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