How to Have a 'Kawaii' Room

'Kawaii' is the Japanese word for cute or pretty. Kawaii consists of big, puppy-eyed cartoon characters, upbeat cutesy music and pastel or brightly coloured fashion, child-like personalities and of course girly rooms. Do you want a kawaii room of your own? Then let's go!


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    Consider painting your room a pastel colour. Colours like baby pink, lavender, peach and foam green can make for a girly, kawaii room! Maybe paint a wall or two a different colour?
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    Find a fabric 'tapestry'. Go to a fabric shop and find a metre or two of fabric with a cute design, and remember to look for pastel or bright colours! Hang it on your wall. This gives a quirky, unique twist on wallpaper!
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    Get some plushies. Plushies are collectible soft toys, and many of them are kawaii! You can display them around your room, or sleep with them at night.
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    Make your bed your own! Find a cute bedding and add extra pillows and plushies for the kawaii feel. Wind fairy lights around your headboard as a reading light for that finishing touch!
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    Find some posters. Posters from anime (Japanese cartoons) like 'K-on!' and 'Lucky Star' are especially kawaii!
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    Get a girly rug. Fluffy rugs in the shape of a heart are awesome!
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    With that, you're finished! Now your room is exploding with kawaii power! Enjoy your new spot to have some well-deserved me time!


  • Brands like Sanrio, San-X, Moomin and Disney are popular with the kawaii crowd. Try to find merchandise from them.


  • Some people may think you're weird for being kawaii, as it isn't mainstream (yet!) in the west. They don't understand it's awesome to be unique!
  • If you paint your room, avoid bright colours on your walls, as it can make it hard to sleep.

Things You'll Need

  • Wall paint
  • Fabric
  • Plushies
  • Bedding
  • Decorative pillows
  • Fairy lights
  • Posters
  • Rug

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