How to Harvest Carrots

Carrots are a universally all-around known food and can be used in a variety of ways. Look into harvesting your own carrots and read this article for more information on how to.


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    Use your garden fork and dig into the ground from the side of the carrot's row. Lever the soil up.
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    Get a good grip, but not a tight one, on the green tops while you pull them up.
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    Inspect each carrot for holes and blemishes (color changes).
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    Air dry them on the surface for about 20 minutes or so before putting them in storage. The tops will help keep them fresh, so don't cut them off.


  • The time of harvest for carrots is about 10 to 16 weeks after sowing. You can also start planting them after the last frost. In order to enjoy fresh carrots and have plenty to harvest, succession plant your carrots seeds about 2 weeks apart.
  • It's recommended to harvest vegetables while it's cool in the morning time. Process and store your vegetables immediately. Using slightly damp sand in boxes place the carrots in layers in a frost proof shed that is well ventilated. Remove for eating as required.

Things You'll Need

  • Garden fork
  • Small tub
  • Sand

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