How to Hang Stockings on Brick

Three Methods:Hanging from a hookUsing a brick hangerBranch hanger

If you need to hang the annual Christmas stockings on a brick fireplace, you're in luck. There are some very simple ways to hang them from a brick wall or alcove.

Method 1
Hanging from a hook

This method leaves a hole (or a hook), so be sure this is okay before using this approach.

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    Drill a hole in the fireplace brick wall using a screwdriver. Aim for the mortar between the bricks, not the brick.
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    Screw in a cup hanger. Many cup hangers come with a screw end on them, just ask for these at the hardware store. When you finish screwing it in, ensure that hanger is positioned so that the hook is facing upward.
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    Attach the stocking to the hanger. Most stockings have some sort of a loop on them. If your stocking doesn't, make your own using either ribbon and glue or stitch a loop in place.
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    Hang the stocking loop around the cup hook. Done. The stocking will now stay firmly on the brick fireplace.

Method 2
Using a brick hanger

This method will not leave any marks or holes behind.

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    Purchase a brick wall hanger. These are available at hardware stores. They have a spring steel which clamps onto the wall wherever a bit of brick juts out from the mortar.
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    Select a position for the hanger on the fireplace alcove. There needs to be a minimum of 1/8" mortar recess for you to be able to attach the brick hanger.
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    Hang the hanger in place. Follow the packaging instructions for clamping it firmly in place.
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    Pull out the hanging tabs from the center of the brick hanger. Hang the stocking on this part, using the loop. If it lacks a loop, add one either by gluing on a ribbon loop or sewing a loop in place.
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    Done. When you're finished with hanging stockings on the fireplace alcove, simply snap the brick hanger off the wall and place in safekeeping for use next holiday season.

Method 3
Branch hanger

This method works if you have a mantelpiece; it lets you bypass the brick altogether.

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    Find a long, strong and sturdy branch. You might have one in the garden, or perhaps go for a walk in the local woods. Ensure that it is clean; scrub off any dirt and check that little beasts aren't living in it.
    • The branch should be the length of the mantelpiece for best effect and balance.
    • The branch needs to be a little curved at each end, as it cannot remain flush with the mantelpiece at the ends, or there will be nowhere for the stockings to be attached.
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    Find a way to attach the middle of the branch to the mantelpiece. The item used can be covered with a large ribbon bow or greenery, so if the attaching object is not so pretty, it won't matter. Suggestions include handheld clamp used for woodworking, large clips (like the sort used to keep tablecloths in place), etc. Or, nail some metallic shelf bars underneath the mantelpiece, having some of the bars hanging out for the branch to sit on. Wrap twine around the branch and the bars to keep in place.
    • Once attached, cover the attachment item with the bow or greenery, to ensure that it cannot be seen.
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    Check that the branch is well balanced. Then hang the stockings on, ensuring that an even number of stockings is hung each end of the branch.
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    Done. When items are added to the stockings, check that they do not unbalance the balance on the branch.


  • Stockings can be hung in a straight line, in groups, or randomly. It's up to your sense of style.
  • If adding a loop to the stocking, ensure that the loop is large enough to hang well, but not so large that it won't stay on the hanger.
  • If removing the cup screws or hangers during the rest of the year but you'll be using them again, keep in a plastic resealable bag and label it, so that you remember exactly what they're used for. Store with the Christmas decorations or the stockings, to make it easy to find them again.


  • Hang each stocking well away from the open area of the fireplace if you have naked flames. Sparks might catch the fabric if the stocking is exposed to the open area; keep it firmly on the brick surface only.
  • Make sure to hang the stocking exactly where you want. You can't remove the hole once it's there.

Things You'll Need

Method 1:

  • Screwdriver
  • Cup hangers with screw ends
  • Stockings
  • Ribbon and glue or thread, if you need to make stocking loops

Method 2:

  • Brick hanger(s)
  • Stockings
  • Loop material (if needed)

Method 3:

  • Branch (clean and strong, length of the mantelpiece or close to)
  • Something to attach the branch with, such as clamp, metallic bars, large clips, etc. (be inventive)
  • Stockings with loops
  • Greenery or large bow to hide the attachment item

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