How to Hang Out with Popular People

Ever wanted to hang out with the popular kids in school? It might seem impossible, but follow these simple steps and soon you'll be the most popular girl or guy at your school.


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    Look the part. This means a makeover! There are several articles on wikiHow that can help you with this. Make sure you are clean and fresh. You could style your hair in a cute way or try lip gloss. Don't be afraid to try new things!
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    Wear clothes that are newest trends but don't copy them as it could irritate them.That will make them see that you actually have good fashion sense (for example, if you wear a uniform, add accessories such as a bracelet or badge). If you don't like the newest trends try something else. Mix and match clothes to make cool combinations!
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    Look confident. Need I say more? It's not that easy for some, but you have to have confidence if you want to be popular. Don't be that shy kid who hangs around in the corner! Get out there and have fun!
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    Join lots of clubs, so people will know you. But you can't just join any club. Try to join something like:
    • The cheerleading squad
    • Gymnastics
    • The dance team
    • Any sort of sports team
    • Student Council/Spirit Club
    • School Newspaper
    • Yearbook/Yearbook Club
    • Academic Team
    • AV Club
    • Daily news/announcements show at school
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    Make sure you're noticed in all the social events.
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    Flirt with the hot, popular guys/girls at school. Having them as a boy/girlfriend will increase your popularity to the max. But keep PDA (public displays of affection) to the minimum. But be seen with him/her always. Make sure you like him/her and are not just with them to be popular. Popular people will see through that.
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    Take things slowly. If you are too scared to go up to the popular kids and make conversation, that's okay. If you hang out with the "geeks", don't ditch them! Just make sure not to hang out with them only. Hang out with everyone. Be nice to people and make new friends!
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    Try to sit near popular kids. Better yet, sit next to them. Say, "Can I sit there?" point at the desk next to him/her. If he/she says yes, good job - you're on your way to becoming popular. If he/she says no, just try somebody else who might like you more or who is less popular.
    • If they seem annoyed at the fact you're sitting with them, keep off-sides for a while.
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    • If the most popular people refuse to talk to you, talk with some of their friends
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    Now that you're sitting next to a popular kid, make conversation. (It's best to do this in a class where you can talk) A good start is asking her something about themselves and stuff.
    • Keep the conversation going. Make sure it's not about study or boring, geeky subjects.
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    • Make sure you are relaxed and confident. Keep eye contact at all times (but don't stare them right in the eyes because some may find this quite intimidating or weird.)
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    • Find out something that could be useful later, like her favorite artist, hobbies, food etc.
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    Do this everyday. Greet the popular kids, sit next to them etc.
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    Soon you'll be friends with them.
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    Remember, you don't always have to be popular. Many people are just fine with not being popular. After all, being popular has a lot of pressure to it and there are somethings non-popular people can do that popular people can't.
    • So don't push yourself! Instead, ask yourself what you really want and what's best for you. You don't have to be popular to be happy!


  • Compliment others and be a nice, fun person to be around!
  • Don't become fake. No one likes fake people.
  • No matter what you do, you'll always have your other friends! Don't give them the cold shoulder when someone popular is around! Be nice to them, and the popular people will think your a nice person too!( Just don't overdo it!)You don't have to be popular for people to notice you. The key words are: be confident.
  • Smile.
  • Don't overdo it.
  • Don't act like being popular is everything. Just talk to popular people and act confident. Don't look like a wannabe, because wannabes never get popular. No one likes wannabes, period.
  • Be yourself!
  • Love yourself and everyone around you.
  • Don't tell everyone your problems, only the people in your group.
  • Snobbishness doesn't lead to popularity.
  • Get to know them and learn about what they like, this way your conversation won't seem boring to them and the conversation will last longer.
  • If you act really desperate, they might start being mean to you.
  • Don't tell secrets to new friends, they could humiliate you. Stick with the friends you trust.
  • Some people who are popular can be bullies, so don't hang around with the bullies because it makes you look like one. Try to aim for kind popular people, like girls who will talk to you about things apart from slagging someone else off. You don't want that! If they sit next to you and you see them bullying someone and they have become your friend, ask them to stop, because they WILL bully you because of your popularity, so if you see it happening, stop it immediately.


  • There will be haters.
  • Throwing a party at your house is always risky business. Don't throw a party with alcohol because this is both a liability due to persons under 21 and damage or missing items. Be careful about noise you definitely don't want cops getting involved; and make sure to keep it a reasonable size. A big party can be really fun but the bigger the size the bigger the danger. BE CAREFUL!
  • Don't be shy and quiet. They are often seen as boring people (even though they aren't, but some will think so)
  • Don't let others tell you who to be; be yourself.
  • You mustn't be a teacher's pet, be yourself and remember your manners!

Things You'll Need

  • New clothes.
  • Throw a party and invite people you want to be friends with (and your other friends too!)
  • Athletic ability for those teams you're going to join.

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