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How to Hang a Bat House

During the summer months, most bats build their nests in trees, while some nest beneath bridges or in buildings. Bat houses are different from birdhouses because they have a smaller entrance hatch, which is often located underneath the bat house. Hanging bat houses in your yard may be a great way to help bats and keep mosquitoes and other insects at bay. Some bats can consume 600 mosquitoes per hour.


  1. 1
    Decide where to hang your bat house. You may mount a bat house on a pole or on the side of a building.
    • Select a location that faces south or east. Bats like a warm climate, so when hanging a bat house, it's best to provide the house with plenty of sunlight.
    • Choose a spot away from security and porch lights. You don't want your bat house installation to be affected by artificial lights.
    • Pick a spot near the edge of a forest or tree grove because bats live in forested areas. To ensure the safety of your bat house, don't hang the house within 20 feet (6.096 m) to 25 feet (7.062 m) of a tree branch. Bats are prey to larger birds that perch in trees.
    • Select an area near water, if possible. Bats live near water, and hanging bat houses 1/4 mile (402.34 m) from water will make it easier for bats to find the house.
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    Plan on installing your bat house before spring. Bats return from warmer climates during the spring, and if you mount a bat house before they return, they are more likely to use it during the summer. If you are evicting bats from a building, set up the bat house 2 to 6 weeks before you move them out.
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    Build a frame for your bat house.
    • Measure the width of your bat house with a measuring tape. Bat house installation entails building rails to mount the house.
    • Add 6 inches to the width, and cut 2 rails out of 1 inch (2.54 cm) by 2 inch (5.08 cm) wood to that length with a saw.
    • Drill holes in the rails and matching holes in the bat house with a drill. You will mount a bat house on the frame before you hang it.
    • Spread glue or caulk between the bat house and the rails.
    • Use a screwdriver and 1.5 inch (3.81 cm) screws to attach the bat house to the rails.
  4. 4
    Hang your bat house 12 feet (3.66 m) to 20 feet (6.10 m) above ground. When you mount a bat house, be sure to use a long ladder.
  5. 5
    Attach the rails on the bat house to the building or pole with 2 inch (5.08 cm) screws.


  • You may build your own bat house or purchase one online. To make sure you get a functional bat house, search for bat houses from bat conservation organizations.
  • Bat houses come in a variety of sizes and shapes. They are bigger than bird houses, and a small bat house ranges from 14 inches (35.56 cm) to 2 feet (60.96 cm) wide and stands around 3 feet (91.44 cm) high.

Things You'll Need

  • Bat house
  • Measuring tape
  • 2 pieces of 1 inch (cm) by 2 inch (cm) wood
  • Saw
  • Drill
  • Wood glue or caulk
  • Screwdriver
  • 1.5 inch (3.81 cm) screws
  • Long ladder
  • 2 inch (5.08 cm) screws

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