How to Handle Long Distance Love Affairs

Long distance relationships (LDR) aren't easy, but sometimes they become necessities when those involved really want to stay together and distance is a factor.


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    Weigh the costs and benefits of distance. The longer you have been together before the long distance relationship, the more likely it is you will have some rapport to get you through the tough stuff. If you have just started dating or meet over the internet, etc. Things may be much harder.
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    The more you communicate, the more relation gets strong. Decide how you will communicate and how often. Phone bills can be excessive for LDRs, so consider using IM, email and Skype to stay in touch. Establish firm plans for times to talk which are priorities in you schedule (just like dates). Old fashioned letters can be very romantic, as can care packages. Make sure that you call as often as your partner calls etc. No one likes feeling like they are working harder than their partner, especially when an LRD is already a lot of work.
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    Establish rules for the relationship. Just like any relationship, you will need to decide what the rules are and agree on them. Some relationships define cheating differently. Some people prioritize physical contact and will need to have an open relationship. Decide together mutually what rules will be best for you both.
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    Establish times to visit, and ideally a plan to be together in the near future, if this is what you want. Either way, be clear about your desires, needs or confusions. NEVER string someone along or cheat just because distance makes this easier or tempting. Your partner won't be able to tell how you are feeling as easily, so you will need to tell them and communicate openly and frequently.
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    The golden rule, expect less. The less you expect, the less will be the problems. But keep expecting love or that'll no longer be a "relationship"
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    Arguments usually end up with a fight. So either avoid or stop in the middle of the argument or the best thing, let your partner win. This will in turn strengthen your relationship.
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    And Best of luck :D


  • if you have an argument ALWAYS try to talk communication is best both of y'all should try to say what your individual problem on the matter and try to talk it out


  • If you do decide to open your relationship, never start dating a new person without first talking to your partner; do not ask permission AFTER you start something- this is cheating in nearly everyone's book.
  • NEVER be sarcastic or passive aggressive etc in an email, IM or text, etc. This is confusing and will lead to misunderstandings.

Things You'll Need

  • A heart full of love.
  • A good companion who understands you.

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