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Have you ever been bullied before on the internet? There's many reasons why they do it in the first place. Such as:

  • That's how they were raised while growing up and were exposed to violence and rudeness. Also they weren't raised with manners or common sense.
  • They get a thrill out of verbally beating up people online for absolutely no reason at all.
  • The most common reason is the anonymity. All of them who do it know they will most likely not get caught because not many people report cyber bullying. Also, you won't be able to see who they were and those who do it know that if they do the things they do online in real life, they would have a good chance of going to jail.

Handling cyber bullying can be scary if you feel that you're all by yourself. But you're not; that's just the illusion of being online at a computer screen with no real life interaction occurring. Here is how to handle being cyber bullied.


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    Remember, most of them are cowards who are full of talk. One of the most common reason why people do cyber bullying in the first place is because they have full anonymity with very little way to get caught, so they know that no one will do anything to them. Also, usually the people who do are either a bunch of little kids who doesn't have anything else to do but to be rude towards people online, or a bunch of immature adults who never quite grew up and need to fill an empty void in their hearts by beating people up online without having anything fighting back at them.
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    Consider psyching them out to make them leave. Most of them are just a bunch of brats who are just trying to get a rise out of someone over a distance. If they were just a random online bully whom you've never met that does nothing but talk, then consider psyching them out and mess with their minds really badly. Make clever or smart comebacks that might make them want to leave you alone.
    • Do not make abusive comments at them. They may be able to use your words against you.
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    Tell someone. Don't live in the shell of silence. The worst thing you can do is to suffer alone and without support. Speak to your parents or guardians, to a trusted friend, to a counselor, a teacher, or anyone who is trustworthy.
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    Consider ignoring them. Sometimes the best course of option is to just simply ignore them. Because all they will most likely do is to intimidate you and make you feel fear or bad about yourself for absolutely no reason whatsoever. That's usually the result that they were trying to make you feel.
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    Get off the website the moment it happens again. Your bully wants you to think this is more real than it is. Stop engaging with this particular person. Don't worry about seeming like a wuss -
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    Keep records. This is pretty easy to do online, so make a special folder or mail file to keep evidence of the bullying. Show this to the person who is helping you overcome the bullying. If you receive unwanted images or requests for such images, tell the person you trust. It may have to be taken to the authorities if it is really bad.
    • Some instant-messaging programs, such as Skype or Telegram Messenger, allow the sender of a message to delete any messages they've sent. However, most programs store the messages you've received in the logs of the program; you may just have to dig a bit in order to get to them.
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    Take some time off the computer. This will help you to regain your perspective and to distance yourself from the bullying. Sometimes it is easy to get so caught up with a site, forum, chat room etc., that you stop realizing that it should be put in its place. Go out and play ball, take a walk in the park, rediscover the joys of real life.
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    See if you can block the user. On most websites, you have the option to block users. It's a simple solution to make them leave you alone. Online games have a similar option, often called "Ignore", which keeps the user's messages from being visible to you. Use it!
    • If you can't block the user, see if you can make your account private or only accessible to people on a "buddy list". Many websites have features that allow you to toggle your profile's privacy settings.
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    Look for a "report" button. In some cases, you have the option of reporting the person who's cyberbullying. If someone was bullying you online, if they were threatening you or someone that you know, or maybe they said they will do something that could destroy your life or anything of the sort, you might be able to report the entire thing to the local authorities and allow them to track down who it is.
    • Reporting the user is also a good idea if they've been creating multiple accounts to get around profile blocks and harass you, as this is against the policies of many websites.
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    Don't give them a reaction. Cyberbullies thrive on your reactions and their main hope is to get a rise out of you. That's what they feed on; picking on you. They love nothing more than to start drama with people because that is their only source of entertainment. Don't give them a reaction to feed off of. If they see that you react strongly, they won't stop picking on you. If you must respond to them, simply tell them "Leave me alone", and then don't respond to them after that. They won't get any fun out of picking on someone who doesn't react.


  • Realize that most of the time, cyber bullies don't have much of a social life. They get their social quota filled by picking on people. Negative attention is better than no attention.
  • Never, ever give any of your personal information to anyone online. You never know what kind of people are out there. Every city has about 100 or more child molesters and you might be encountering one of them online.
  • Stay confident no matter what they say to you. Don't let them get under your skin.
  • If you can say something witty back, the bully may jump in surprise! They will be expecting you to say things like "why won't you stop?" and such, not something to get back at them.
  • Never say anything back. Bullies always want you to play games with your emotions.
  • Bullies aren't everything in your life, you don't need to care about them. You have a lot to do in your life. Get a hope and be strong!


  • If you feel your life is in imminent danger, go to the authorities or go to a trusted person and decide what the best course of action would be to help you feel safer.
  • Sometimes, cyberbullies will actually follow through with threats towards you or someone else, so if you feel that might be the case, then you have the right to call the police or go to the local authorities.

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