How to Guess if a Coin Will Be Heads or Tails and Be Right Every Time

Have you ever been in the situation where you and someone else both want the same thing (but only one person can have it) and the idea of flipping a coin to decide who gets it takes place. Heads? Tails? Tails. Nope, sorry it's Heads - you lose! Now you can always win by following the steps listed below.


  1. Image titled Get a round coin Step 1
    Get a round coin, such as 2p, 10p, a penny or a dime.
  2. Image titled Make a small little nick Step 2
    Make a small little 'nick' (with a nail file) on the ridge of one side of it, so that a small piece of the metal sticks out. Do this before the other person finds out.
  3. Image titled Bet on something Step 3
    Bet on something - say "If I can guess what it is when it lands I get...".
  4. Image titled Turn your back towards the coin and the other person Step 4
    Turn your back towards the coin and the other person, and ask them to spin the coin on the table.
  5. Image titled Look Step 5
    Look. When the coin stops spinning, you will be able to tell if it's a head or a tail due to the noise. The little 'chink' in the coin, will affect the noise it makes depending on what side it lands on - so make sure you know how both sound like before.
  6. Image titled Laugh in their face Step 6
    Laugh in their face as they owe you what ever you bet on. Works every time.


  • Don't tell the other person or let them find out your secret.


  • If the other person finds how you did it (which they'll only do if you told them or they read this) then you're in trouble.

Things You'll Need

  • A round coin
  • A flat surface to spin the coin on
  • Nail file

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