How to Grow Spiritually

If you are born-again into the family of Jesus Christ, you need to grow spiritually. With some time, persistence, and sincerity you will be able to strengthen your spiritually.


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    Thumb: Firstly show a thumbs-up. Pretend you're showing it to God and your friends. It means you must 'make right' with them. If you have sinned again, ask God to forgive. Ask your friends' forgiveness and forgive them.
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    Pointer finger: Again show it to your friends. It means you must tell them what Jesus has done for you: saving you, freeing you etc. Tell them what Jesus can do for them too.
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    Middle finger: Put your hands together, fingers showing up. Let the highest finger remind you of the church towers. Find a nice church where you feel welcome and can live like Jesus wants us to. HAVE FUN!!!
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    Ring finger: Commitment. Commit yourself to praying daily. Talk to JESUS about every and anything!
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    Pinkie: Put your hands together and open it like a book where your baby fingers meet. Remember to read your bible, daily. You will learn new things, and love it!
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    Following the model of 12 steps programs, we could also discern a 12 step process to grow spiritually (Christian and non-christian). The Process is:
    • Step 1. Repentance. For each and every step look for the definition in a dictionary. Then reflect on it. And apply it to your life
    • Step 2. Faith/Believe(Certainty)
    • Step 3. Regeneration/Rebirth
    • Step 4. Confession
    • Step 5. Forgiveness
    • Step 6. Penitence
    • Step 7. "Gospel" sharing
    • Step 8. Continuous Learning and Improvement
    • Step 9. Know The Truth
    • Step 10. The Truth Shall Make You Free
    • Step 11. Recite the Lord's Prayer every day upon going to sleep and waking up
    • Step 12. Awakening you are out of the Matrix-"CULT"ure-continue managing your awakening every single second of your life


  • It sometimes helps to just open the bible and read.
  • You can talk to God like he is your best friend! You don't need to use big words!
  • Before you read the Bible, ask God to show you something that would surprise you. Tell your problems to God and ask Him to give you some scriptures of comfort.
  • Find a youth group in your church where you can share your experiences and meet new friends.
  • Find a church that teaches according to the bible. Where you can clap hands and move freely as God leads you. You should feel the presence of God in such a church. It should also be fun. When you leave, ask yourself if you had an intimate time with God, or learned something that changed you.
  • Do not be angry if you have sinned. If you're sorry God will always forgive you again.


  • When testifying (telling others what God's done for you) do not force Christianity or the Bible unto them. Pray God to help you.
  • Between all the fun and getting involved in projects, do not let it become a habit and you forget about God. Talk to God about it, ask him for new ideas etc.

Things You'll Need

  • Bible
  • Some courage.
  • Time for God. Start small if you like. With like half an hour a day for praying and reading. As you grow, make more time.
  • Gospel music. It helps to get intimate with God when praying (like in the mood for praying). Worship music.

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