How to Grow an Enchanted Forest

Never-ending greenery, small cute magic mushrooms, beautiful plants ... wouldn't it be lovely to have an Enchanted Forest to walk through every morning? Well you can make your very own! Of course, it's easier said than done. But all you need is a little patience and a lot of creativity and fantasy, and you've got yourself an Enchanted Forest!


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    Find a Forest. This is not an easy job, neither is it a small one. It should be one where you are allowed to grow your own things, but that shouldn't be a problem. If it is, ask the owner for permission.
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    Make a path. Most forests already have one, but if it doesn't, you need to make one!
    • Find an appropriate place for the path to go. Start at the beginning, finish on the other side.
    • To make the path, pull out all of the weeds and plants in a straight line, or as you can see on the picture in the Introduction, two lines.
    • Plant some flowers beside the path. Some favourite flowers are poppies, tulips, hydrangea and bluebells. Of course, you get to decide.
    • Next to the flowers, let some mushrooms grow. Mushrooms are considered fairy chairs, and it's a rumor that if mushrooms grow in a circle, that's where the fairies would meet up. So it would be nice to have a fairy circle here and there!
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    Decorate the trees. By decorating I don't mean put a star on top, but maybe you could hang up little birdhouses, water them and make them green, plant pretty flowers around them, etc. These are all very nice ideas.
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    Put in a little pond. You can make it yourself if you want, or you can get a professional to do it. You can build a pond any time of year, but it’ll establish fastest if you start in late winter. For most people, it’ll take two or three weeks to complete.
    • Start digging! Make sure the hole is deep, wide and long enough to fit some liner.
    • Place a liner into the hole. When placing the liner into the hole, make sure it is at least 25 centimeter (9.8 in) bigger than the hole itself. To keep it in place, put some heavy rocks on the edges.
    • Fill it with water and plant some water plants in it! You can use anything you want to decorate your little pond. If you want, you can put some fish in, but then you would have to be sure they have everything they need in there, and that would be extra work, so I would recommend not to.
    • Decorate the outside of it. Now you can use some nice plants like water forget-me-nots, brooklime, spearwort and water plantain, just use a rock or stone to hold the roots in contact with the subsoil.
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    Make a stone path around the pond. Just get some flat stones and align them so that you can walk on them. Leave a little space between every stone. If you want to you can get some more flowers to plant around the little path. Have the path go around the pond once, then in a line to the main path (the one that you dug).
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    Plant fruit bushes. This may sound like an optional step, but it plays a very important part in making your forest look magical. You can plant things like blueberry bushes, strawberry bushes and other fruit bushes. Plant them in between trees.
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    Make a pretty sign. This is optional, but it would add such a cute effect! Make it in these easy steps:
    • Get a plank of wood in the size of your choice.
    • Sand it down a little bit, and maybe more here than there, just for the sake of effect.
    • This is optional: You can either paint the base colour (preferably white) or you can leave it "unpainted," so that it stays wooden. It looks more original when it is wooden.
    • Write with a paint colour of your choice, "Enchanted Forest: This way!" You can use stencils if you want to have it in fancy writing, or you can do it by hand.
    • Add an arrow pointing in the right direction.
    • Decorate it a little bit. On the edges paint some tiny fairies, or outline it with a green vine and pretty flowers, or anything you want!
    • Put it up! Nail it on a tree or stick it in the ground with a stick.
    • Last but definitely not least, spray it with some protective spray so that it doesn't smudge in the rain.
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    Now all you have to do is keep it a little bit pretty -- replant any dead flowers, clear out the pond, pull up weeds, water the plants, and it will stay enchanted for as long as you want! Who knows, maybe it will be so nice that a fairy might come and visit.


  • Although, they do take an extremely long time to grow, so you will need a lot of time.
  • Oak trees are magical trees, so if you want to, plant an acorn every now and then!
  • Spring and Summer are the best times to do this, for the plants will grow nice straight away, you will always have nice enough weather to go out and add something more.


  • If you are a child, ask your parents to help you.
  • If you do this without permission, you could get into big trouble, so you really need permission to do this.

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