How to Groom an Arabian Horse

You groom like you would any other horse even though it may look slightly different.The Arabian horse is different than any other breed in the world. It is majestic, and beautiful, but it also needs to stay clean.A clean horse is a happy horse after all. Being clean is a crucial part of the horse's life and health, and it needs to be done. Read on from step one below for how.


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    Tie your horse in a safe place.
    • Get your horse out of its stall, and put it in a safe place.
    • Examples: Cross ties, or on a fence tie.
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    Brush it with a curry comb.
    • The curry is a major part of grooming for a fluffy, hairy horse.
    • This gets out all the debris and dirt underneath the top of the horses coat.
    • Move your hand in a circling motion with the curry comb, to lift up all the dirt, and do it evenly all around their body.
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    Brush it with a dandy brush.
    • Use flicking motions with your wrist, to lift up the dirt that the curry comb brought to the surface.
    • Use this, again, all around the horse's body, until the dirt is gone.
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    Remove dirt from the hooves using a hoof pick.
    • Slowly start at the top of your horses leg, and glide your hand down to their hoof, to bring their leg up.
    • Once the leg is up, take your hoof pick and get the dirt off the top part of the hoof.
    • Carefully get the dirt from the "v" in the hoof, or the frog there, without scratching that part of the hoof.
    • Help your horse put his hoof down slowly.
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    Wipe down your horse with a mildly damp cloth, to take down dust.
    • Wipe the eyes, nose, ears, and legs thoroughly.
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    Brush the mane with the mane brush and tail with the tail brush gently.
    • Start at the bottom and work your way up through the dangles to minimize the hair falling out.
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    Put on coat conditioner
    • This helps shine up your horse and will keep him looking good!


  • Be sure not to be too push too hard on the horses skin when currying.
  • When hoof picking, don't go too far into the frog.
  • If you wish, talk to your during grooming sessions. Grooming should be a pleasure for you and your horse so why not enhance the experience by talking to your horse in a calm, steady voice while he's enjoying getting all the itchy muck out of his coat and let him learn to associate your voice with, calm pleasurable experiences. It may help you calm him when he's skittish.


  • Don't push to hard on the brush
  • Avoid the frog and if you brush it off do so carefully because that is one of the most sensitive areas of the hoof.

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  • Curry brush
  • Dandy brush
  • Hoof pick
  • Mane brush
  • Tail brush
  • Coat conditioner

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