How to Groom a Rough Collie

Rough Collies are gorgeous dogs, and their thick, fluffy fur is beautiful- but it's also difficult to take care of! This article will teach you how to groom a Rough Collie.


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    Understand a Rough Collie's coat. Rough Collies are one of several dog breeds that have a double coat. This means that their fur has two layers: the sleek, colorful top coat, and the fluffy, duller undercoat. The undercoat serves as insulation both in the summer and the winter. When a Rough Collie sheds, normally most of the shedded fur comes from the undercoat.
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    Choose the necessary utilities. The double coat requires two tools: a brush with short tines/bristles and a comb with long tines/bristles. Since a Collie's fur tends to get tangled, you may also want a special tangle-removing tool, as well as scissors, in case you come across a large, difficult knot that can't be detangled.
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    Frequently groom your Collie. A daily brushing will keep her fur smooth and knot-free. If that isn't possible, aim for twice a week.
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    Groom the undercoat using the comb. Comb in the same direction as the fur lies, with the tines pointing in the same direction as you are brushing. Get the Collie's whole body, with special focus on the long fur around his ears, his ruff (around the chest), and his belly.
    • Have a trash can or plastic bag near or beside you. The undercoat often produces an enormous amount of dead fur, especially in the shedding seasons. To give you an idea of the amount, the pile can sometimes be a third of the dog's size.
    • Should you find any tangles, hold onto them while you get the tangle brush (or the comb, if you have no tangle tool). Separate the tangle from the surrounding fur, then start brushing from the top, working down as you remove the tangle. If it's very large or you are afraid of hurting your dog, cut it out with scissors.
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    Pay special attention to her bloomers and tail. The bloomers are the long, puffy fur that lies behind the back legs, near the tail. Make sure you separate out the fur that you've already brushed, and go as deep into the fur as you can.
    • Be careful, as this is a sensitive area.
    • Be sure to go through all of the fur in this area. You might not want to go near your dog's "privates," understandably, but you must. This area tends to get very tangled, and if you don't brush it, the fur will become severely matted. Should you find a mat, cut it out as close to the skin as possible.
    • Trim the fur on the tail and bloomers, if you like; droppings sometimes get stuck to the long fur in these areas, so keeping the fur a bit shorter and out-of-the-way is a good idea.
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    Brush the top coat. This is the easiest part. Brush in the same direction as the fur lies.
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    Done! Your Collie is now brushed-out and beautiful.


  • If you live in an area that gets snow, you might want to trim the fur around the Collie's feet and legs, as snow tends to stick here and form clumps of ice.


  • Even the nicest dog will snap at you if he is in extreme pain, so be extremely careful, especially when brushing in sensitive areas, such as the belly and around the ears.
  • Be careful when trimming the dog's fur, as you might accidentally cut her skin, which will not only hurt her, but likely cause her to snap at you.

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  • Top-coat brush (short tines)
  • Undercoat comb (long tines)
  • Tangle tool
  • Scissors

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