How to Groom a Horse for Winter

Winter as an equestrian involves mud, rain, muck, and all things yucky. The following can show how to ensure your equine friend has the most comfortable and enjoyable winter season.


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    Start off by hosing off your horse's legs using warm water. Make sure to do this thoroughly and scrub all the mud off. It's important to do this so that your horse doesn't have to suffer and you can easily see his/her hooves.
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    Wash the tail too. While washing off your horse's legs, make sure to wash and braid your horse's tail. Mud can begin to clump at the ends and bang on their legs when ridden. This step is quite necessary to remove any discomfort the winter can bring to him/her.
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    Use a metal curry comb or shedding blade to get off all the mud clumps on your horse's fur. Make sure to not be too harsh with it and don't use on areas without any muscle (for example, legs, face).
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    Use a hard body brush or dandy brush to get all the last bits off. Touch up with a soft brush.
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    Braid the mane and tail during the winter. Braiding the mane is recommended, while braiding the tail is essential.[citation needed] It will really help a lot in all the wind, rain, and muck.
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    Pick your horse's hooves as you would year round. If your horse's legs have been washed, this step will be much easier as you will not have to be holding muddy hooves!
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    Consider investing in a nice waterproof blanket for winter time. A blanket will help protect the horse from wind, precipitation, and mud. They can definitely cut your grooming time in half and keep your equine fellow warm and toasty.

Things You'll Need

  • Hose
  • Warm water
  • Curry comb or shedding blade
  • Hard body brush or dandy brush
  • Braiding items
  • Hoof pick
  • Waterproof blanket

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