How to Green Your Pet Care

Caring for pets with the environment in mind is not hard to do and it can be very beneficial for your pet. Here are some ways to green your pet care.


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    Adopt a pet. Adoption relieves the burden of unwanted pets and ensures that they get a good, caring home.
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    Cut down on packaging. Pet food and accessory packaging is an enormous source of waste. Recycle as much as you can, buy in bulk if possible, and try to minimize purchasing anything with too much packaging.
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    Feed your pets homemade meals. This relieves some of the packaging burden, as well as ensuring that your pet is getting tasty and nutritious food. Just be sure that you're meeting your pet's nutritional requirements though.
    • Look for pet food choices that are organic, hormone free, drug-free, with minimal processing.
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    Get your pet desexed. Unless you intend to breed your pet in a responsible manner, the best option is desexing so that no unwanted pets are brought into the world. The bonus is that desexing often ensure that your pet bonds more with you.
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    Use eco-friendly care products. For example, look for kitty litter that will biodegrade and flea treatments that are not toxic to your family and your pet.
    • Clean your pet's bedding, sleeping area, and other places with eco-friendly and pet-friendly products.
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    Make toys for your pet by recycling. If you can use products that are both safe and reused to create a new toy for your pet, then you're doing a lot to help spare resources. For example:
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    Keep pets away from the native wildlife. Dogs and cats are special problems around native wildlife their own size and smaller. Their impact can be reduced by keeping them in at nights, using a leash when walking dogs in parks, on trails, etc., and by putting noisy bells on cat collars.


  • If you have more than one pet, try to arrange annual vet check-ups for the same day to save on trips to the vet. Be sure to get other family members to help though or it could be a burden doing this.
  • Avoid buying exotic species as pets. Animals such as monkeys are not meant to be kept as pets and will bring you much misery as they get older and more difficult to care for. In addition, avoid purchasing pets on endangered species lists, as this fosters the illegal trade in such species, reducing their chances of survival.
  • if you want your pet to be happy, don't leave them locked up for long periods of time. find a dog-sitter or a doggie daycare, or even a dog hotel to leave them at. just make sure they are being treated well.

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  • Biodegradable products
  • Homemade toys
  • Pet- and eco-friendly flea treatments and cleaning products

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