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How to Go Vegan/Vegetarian when You Live with Your Parents

Three Methods:Be ConvincingDrop Meat InconspicuouslyThe Final MethodCommunity Q&A

It can be difficult to change your diet when you live at home. Most people don't quite understand the concept of eating a certain way. Despite the reason, the choice is yours, and parents are generally frustrated when you tell them. Here is a how-to on being a vegan/vegetarian at home!

Method 1
Be Convincing

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    When you first start out the diet, make it public. Say your parents cook a meal with meat and vegetables. Eat the veggies and say, "I can't bring myself to eat this." Usually, they will scoff or tell you to do so anyway. Make it extremely difficult to eat until they excuse you. Then, explain to them that you want to be a vegetarian/vegan. Show them you have done research on it, and you know the topic. Also convince them that it isn't a phase, because that's what they will say about anything that comes up abruptly. If this method does not work, move onto the next step.

Method 2
Drop Meat Inconspicuously

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    I , along with many others, have had to do this. If reasoning with your parents doesn't work, just eat less and less meat each day. Your parents will likely notice because you've mentioned vegetarianism/veganism in the past. They will likely not say anything. Then, stop eating it all together, replacing it with other foods. If you plan to drop fish and animal bi-products, do this slowly as well.  Leave subtle hints by casually bringing up vegetarian statistics in conversations, but do not linger on the subject. When you feel like the time is right, tell your parents that you want to be a vegetarian/vegan. They will have noticed your diet changed before and see that you are consistent and dedicated to what you want. This is normally the time that they realize that this is something you really want to do and it is something you are firm in.

Method 3
The Final Method

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    If your parents are still not understanding, it likely means that they are just very stubborn. You must show them that you want this for you, not for others. Show them it's not a phase or a passing fad, and it's not a silly little trend.   Try to stay away from other vegetarians because your parents will think you just want to be like them. Be consistent. Continue to bring up vegetarianism casually in conversations and at mealtimes when they try to force you to eat meat, explain that you can't do it because of your beliefs, whether it's a religious, environmentalist, health, or animal cruelty reason. They will likely threaten to ground you or take away something. Stand firm, and tell them you'd rather that than to eat it.  At this point, they begin to understand that they aren't getting you to budge. They may not accept it at first, but they will begin to allow it slowly.

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  • Be calm and convincing. Don't try to force your beliefs on them or they will reject the lifestyle choice.
  • Prove to them that it's what you want by showing dedication and consistency just like you would do with hair dye or body modifications.
  • Be patient. This is one that cannot be stressed enough. Patience is a virtue, and it is something everyone has to deal with.
  • Understand that they may not quite comprehend what your reason is. They may not fully understand what you're saying. So be thorough.
  • It would be helpful to find out why your parents dislike the idea of vegetarianism, perhaps they think it's unhealthy, or they associate it with counterculture.
  • Appreciate their decision, and be polite when you tell them that you are going to do what you will.
  • Remember that you can just pick out the meat and refuse to eat it.
  • Don't give up even if your parents are so stubborn that this doesn't work. You can still be one when you're older, and they have no say in it.


  • Do not rant and rave or get angry if they tell you "no." This will cause them to resent the lifestyle, making it harder to convince them.
  • If you experience anything that seems relatively close to a b12 or protein deficiency, your parents will blame the choice and force you back into a normal diet. So be careful and eat healthy.
  • NEVER disrespect them and back talk them when a conversation on diet or lifestyle choices occurs. They will likely blame it on vegetarianism.

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