How to Go Unnoticed

This is a guide for those who desire to go unnoticed or hide in plain sight.


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    Ascertain why you don't want to be noticed. Whether for a game, avoiding someone or just to blend and relax. It's easier to know what you're doing and why.
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    Dress plainly. One of the most important things you can do is dress down. Jeans and a T-shirt are generally good. If you're a girl don't wear tight jeans, low-cut shirts, or tons of make-up. If you're a guy, don't wear your jeans half-way down your butt and a T that's way too big. You're trying not to stand out. It is also best to avoid bright colors, especially reds, oranges and yellows, especially when these colors come in stripes across the body. The human brain is wired to react to these colors, leading you to be noticed more easily.
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    Act as if you belong even if you don't. People notice people who look as though they don't fit far quicker than people who look as if they walk down this street every day. Practice feeling comfortable in any setting - this takes some confidence.
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    Act natural. If something catches your eye in a shop go look at it, if you feel hungry go get food. If every third person has a shopping bag, go buy something. If half the people around you are eating, then eat. People tend to pass over people who look preoccupied doing something else.
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    Be quiet. It doesn't seem important but people hear easier than they see in crowded places. Even if a person is not looking at you they can still hear you.
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    Be still. If pressed stand still. People notice movement more than shapes. Don't become a statue. Just stand still like you don't have a reason to move, not like you have a reason not to.
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    Walk with your head down. That way you can move slower if you want and people can't see your face as easily.


  • Don't look people in the eye. They will definitely notice. Keep your head down.
  • If you're following someone don't always keep your eyes on them, reflective glass is good. If they walk into a shop look in the window of one across from it or look in the shop next door, don't follow them in.
  • If you see someone you know don't go and greet them. Walk past and see if they notice you. This is a good test for your covertness.
  • Get lost in a crowd. A person in fifty is harder to spot than a person in five.
  • If you're avoiding someone don't try to hide behind a wall or something if they look your way, just keep right on doing whatever you were doing. A person jumping behind a wall is very noticeable.


  • Going completely unseen can be a shock for some people so take it easy.
  • Don't use this for illegal purposes.

Things You'll Need

  • Plain clothing
  • Controllable ego
  • Interesting things to ponder whilst going unnoticed

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