How to Go Unnoticed in School

While many kids want to be noticed in school, some may want to simply be "invisible". Not to deal with drama that comes with a too heated social life or just go through school without bonding with anyone. Well, read on and learn how to go unnoticed.


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    Look as plain and unnoticeable as you can. Bright hair colors, bright clothes or any attention grabbing look won't help.
    • If you're a girl: wear your hair naturally; do not dye your hair unusual or bright colors; wear as little makeup as possible.
    • If you're a guy: do not wear your hair in an attractive haircut or too unusual style, make sure it looks as plain as possible; try not to look too appealing.
    • Do not dress too fashionably nor in an unusual style. Dress in dull, light, or plain colors. Guys must not dress in the latest trends or cool style, just throw on the plainest shirt possible in a bigger size in order not to attract attention to his physique; and girls must wear clothes in plain colors and in a smaller size.
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    Have a mild attitude. Walk by the corners and make sure you don't have your head held too high, nor be too cocky as you walk, or else it will only get you more attention. Try to walk as mildly as possible and try not to look at anyone's face.
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    Do not raise your hand or speak in class. Try to sit in the corners and in the back of classroom. Pay attention to class and take notes to study, but never raise your hand to ask anything or to answer anything, or else it will just make people notice you more. If you have any doubts about class, try speaking to the teacher after class before you leave the room, but do not do it while class.
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    Stay away from drama or attention-grabbing situations and people. Try not to spend time near people who are in spotlight, or have an attention-grabbing style or attitude. It will only bring you attention. Try to spend time with people who are as unnoticeable as possible and do not get involved in situations where you might get eyes on you.

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