How to Go to a Skatepark

You've been skateboarding on your sidewalk, parking lots and school yards, but not the skate park. Sure, it's intimidating, going to a skatepark for the first time can be a scary thing, so don't worry, just follow these simple instructions, and you'll be sure to have an absolute blast!


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    Get a skateboard. You really should learn how to ride it before stepping into the park. So that means riding it until you are comfortable with it and you have a rational amount of balance.
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    Be sure to know the basics of riding the board and at least one trick you can do. A few good tricks to know are: the Ollie, the pop Shuvit, and the kickflip.
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    Don't be afraid to try out a mini ramp when you get there, most people will help you out. People at skateparks won't expect you to know how to ride vert ramps if you're a beginner. If you ask them how to help you, make sure you pay attention, skaters don't want to spend their whole time helping you but will be willing to give you some useful tips.
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    You can stand around and look at other people, learn and try new things.
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    Don't stand in the middle of the park observing people, as they will be trying to skate. Stand off to the side somewhere.
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    Don't try to impress people by trying something that you probably can't land. Don't be stupid! Just stick to tricks you can do.
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    Don't be afraid to ask questions or ask for help, most of the time other skaters will help you out, as long as it's not crowded.
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    Get up immediately after a fall, just so you can prove it didn't shake you. If you're really hurt, just ask for help.
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    Ask one of the more experienced skaters to tell you about the park, you'll need to know what moves are prized in that particular park, the skaters you want to avoid, and the skate lingo that is used.
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    Don't lie. If you always fail miserably at a trick, don't brag to others that you can do it. It's best if you master just a few tricks, and at least one that doesn't require a ramp.
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    Start learning ramp tricks. Begin with the easy ramps, then work your way up.
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    Have fun! You are there to skate and get better, and why skate if it makes you miserable?


  • Don't get discouraged if you see other skaters who have more tricks down than you! Never give up and enjoy yourself!
  • Don't panic if you think you're going to get hurt. Just calmly complete the trick/ride, and jump only if you are terrified. It happens to everyone.
  • Never throw your board or yell, especially if you're a beginner, you'll look like an idiot.
  • Remember the more you go to the skateparks, the faster you will improve.
  • Try to go at a time when nobody else is there. This gives you time to get used to the park, and practice.
  • Take a friend along on your first few times to a park. It's nice to have someone you know there when you don't know anyone else.
  • If you can't fit in then maybe you're in the wrong place. Try another local park if there is one or just skate with your friends.
  • Other skaters won't leave the park just for you, so avoid getting in the way.
  • You shouldn't use the words "gnarly", or "dude" too much. Use them from time to time, but not too often.
  • Check your board every now and then. You don't want stuff falling off.
    • Try to remember that most people will be friendly, and as your skill improves, past mess-ups will be forgotten. At a skate park, your reputation is more flexible than at a school. It can improve quite easily.
  • Don't show fear or hesitation; the other skaters will pick up on this, and the meaner ones will torture you.
  • If challenged to play SKATE, don't be afraid to play and lose miserably. A lot of times playing SKATE will force you to try tricks you haven't learned yet and even if they land it and you don't, you can still practice that trick.
  • When you crash into someone, be sure you know who's fault it is. If it's your fault try to just shrug it off and apologize as above. If the other guy gets mad, just keep skating. If this happens many times and it's your fault, leave and get some more practice elsewhere.
  • Don't bring your family along. Instead, bring a friend or two and have your family drop you off or just skate to the park. You will feel more confident if they aren't there. Parents often will yell encouragement at you, but don't realize it is both embarrassing, and not helping at all.
  • If your purpose in going to the skate park is to prove you're not a poser, do impressive, but simple tricks.
  • When you crash into somebody, apologize in a cool way. Say, "Sorry, dude. You okay?", but not, "I am so sorry, are you okay?"
  • Wearing certain clothes won't make you a skater. If anyone makes fun of you for not having "skater" clothes, don't listen to them, and certainly don't insult them back.
  • Talk to other skaters. You can easily develop friendships and will soon know everyone in the park.
  • Don't get in the way if you ride a scooter or a bike. Do NOT bring Roller blades. These things have generally a bad reputation among skaters. Do what you can to disprove the bad reputation. Don't bring your mom and let her sit on the sidelines and cheer for you.


  • Always make sure to say "sorry" after hitting someone
  • If the skate park has metal rails that look sharp/rusted/both and your new, don't even consider trying to grind them. Falling on those is not good and you can end up with some bad damage to both your body and board.
  • Keep an eye on all your possessions; shady kids roam the skate park, and your things may get stolen. This includes your skateboard, so try to bring the minimum requirements.
  • If you're new to the skate park, some of the snobby skaters might start picking on you. They might mess with you by yelling insults, or they might go as far as physical damage. Watch yourself.
  • Don't get involved in any kind of conflicts.
  • Watch out for other skaters!
  • Only do things in your ability.
  • Don't try a trick that isn't in your ability range. You could get seriously injured.
  • If you think you won't land a trick, you won't. Be confident
  • Try not to take over the good skaters ramps such as half-pipe, bowls, pipes, or snake runs.
  • If you are seriously hurt after a fall, get up and take a friend with you, and walk away so you can deal with yourself.
  • Wear safety gear you believe you will need
  • Don't go alone to a skatepark you've never been in before.
  • Skateboarding can be dangerous.

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