How to Go Green in Your Workspace

Being a responsible consumer of valuable resources would make an organization to recognize its role in the society as being environmentally conscious. There a few steps that could be followed by each individual employee and the company, which can be converted into a collective colossal step forward in moving towards being a greener work place.


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    Conserve Energy. The Workplace uses the maximum number of computers which are using high level of energy. If companies were to come up with policies to reduce the wasteful usage of electricity, it would help to conserve energy. Instead of leaving the computer plugged in and powered, it would be a good method to switch off or power off your systems when not in use.
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    Digitize. In the growing world of technological advancement, it is important that we practice greener values to reduce our carbon footprints. The best way to do that is to convert all documents to e-documents. Instead of printing out page after page of document reports, the company should encourage using electronic submission and sharing of document across the Internet.
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    Reduce Paper Usage. Paper usage could be reduced by recycling the waste papers. It would be wise choice to get eco-friendly papers and print on both sides of the paper instead of just one. The very important and vital documents alone should be printed and the rest should be shared as a PDF file.
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    Carpool. It would work to the benefit of the company, if they could gather details of employees living close by to each other and encourage them to carpool. Rewarding such an act would also encourage, the workplace to be conscious of their carbon emission. The other alternative method could encourage people to bike in groups to work. Among the Fundamentals of Engineering, the future Licensed Engineers to should learn about conserving energy.
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    Use Eco-Friendly Lunch boxes. Instead of ordering individual take outs, companies could encourage their employees to bring their homemade lunches in reusable boxes. Alternatively, they could join together and order take out lunch. They need to make sure that the package is a single huge box without napkins and plastic cutlery. Using real cutlery from home, would reduce the waste created from unnecessary trash.
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    Eco-Friendly Wardrobe. The Company could bring about a change in dress code that allows employees to change their wardrobe to eco-friendly materials. This would reduce the requirement for a dry cleaning their clothes and thus harming the environment. But if they must dry then encourage them to choose a green dry cleaner near their home. As for a change in wardrobe states a style statement, so the FE Review Course can provide input data regarding about various conserving methods.
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    Telecommute. The company should allow its employees to work from home or telecommute. Working for four long days instead of five short days will reduce the carbon emission from their long commutes through horrendous traffic. It will also be an effective way to conserve energy.
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    Use Bio-Degradable Materials. A Company should encourage using bio-degradable materials. For instance, a bio-degradable soap could be used or instead of non- recyclable paper towels being used for drying hands. If paper towels are used it is recommended that short washable hand towels should be used. If recyclable paper towels are not used than a low energy hand drier machine can be implemented to dry employees hands after washing.

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