How to Go from Unpopular to Popular

Are you on the unpopular side and you need a change? Maybe you are picked on and you're done with it. Whatever your case it is if you want to be popular and you aren't popular then here is you article!


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    Figure out why you're unpopular. Do you dress or act differently from everyone else at school? Are you interested in different things, or do you do different things with your free time? Are you simply unpopular because you always have been? Make sure you're not being mean or unfriendly to others. You don't need to immediately try to change whatever it is that makes you unpopular, but figuring out what it is will help you get around it so that you can become more popular.
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    Have a few good friends. The first step towards having lots of friends is to have one or two. Make a few good friends who will have your back when you start reaching out to others.
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    Start talking to more people. Start with a friendly "hello, how are you?" As you do this more and more, begin to involve your classmates in longer conversations. Ask them about how their day is going or what their plans for the weekend are. Be open and friendly, and soon people will be happy to talk to you.
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    Spend time with people outside of school. Once you feel comfortable talking to a few new people, ask them to hang out after school or on the weekend. Asking them to hang out is a great way to be social. Get a group of people together to go to a movie or hang out at the mall; the more people are there, the more people will want to come, and the less pressure you'll be under to perform well.
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    Understand what it is to be popular. Everyone thinks that being popular means that you are annoying or mean to others, but this is not the case. Being popular means that you are well-liked by everyone else, or at least most of them. Be nice and friendly, and people will like you.
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    Don't overbook yourself. With all this hanging out and meeting new people, don't forget your study work. It's hard to balance these two aspects of your life. It's easier to make friends and hang out when there isn't school because then you don't have to worry about work. Try putting these steps into motion over summer vacation, when you'll be more free to hang out with others.
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    Make new friends through clubs or activities. You can become more social by getting involved in sports and clubs; this will help you meet people with similar interests, which is a great way to make new friends. Getting involved in other sports and clubs can attract other crowds to like you.
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    Make sure to share your time among all of your new friends. Making friends and not hanging out with them isn't a good thing. Obviously if you have a best friend, you will probably spend more time with them, but make sure to spend time with other friends as well, or you could risk losing them.


  • Find commonalities with your friends to become closer.
  • If you are shy then try to look up how to overcome that fear before you hang out with people.
  • Become outgoing, you will get a lot more friends like that.
  • Be nice.


  • Don't forget about friends that's how they become mad at you.
  • Don't be fake just to get friends.

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