How to Go from Goth to Scene

So you've been in the Goth subculture for a little while and then found out it's not you. That you prefer the lighter colours and a more childish mindset.


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    Know what scene is. Scene is a 2009 style which consists of brightly coloured skinny jeans, graphic band shirts, converse, wrist bands of all kinds and accessories of scarves, net gloves, comedy glasses, hair bands and so on. Scene is also an umbrella of genres such as metalcore, dubstep, deathcore, some alternative metal, and crunkcore.
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    Start searching scenecore bands instead of Goth bands. You probably was listening to Bauhaus, Siouxsie and the Banshees, The Cure and other Goth bands before. If you want to be scene, a good portion of your music taste should be scenecore or fashioncore type bands. It is important to like this type of music. Some musical recommendations are Blood On The Dance Floor, Dot Dot Curve, Millionaires and any band that dresses in bright colours and generally makes a scene of themselves.
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    Start on the make-up. If you use to wear black or red lipstick wear lip gloss or nothing at all. If your eye make up use to be black or grey start using pink eye shadow and black eyeliner. Blusher to make your cheeks a rosy colour is good too. Don't over load on the make-up.
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    Your clothes are next. If you were wearing all black one minute and all bright colours then you're going to look like a poseur. This is not something you turn in to overnight. Black to bright colours is a big jump. Start buying some criminal damage jeans they could be green leopard print or pink leopard print with a black band shirt, you can also find new bands during this and buy a band shirt to go with it.
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    Start going to concerts. You'll get to go to some concerts as you will have access to bands that are near you and more popular. The majority of Goth bands are underground or have broken up except for the odd few like The Cure, but when are they going to be touring around yours next? Don't be afraid to go to concerts that aren't scene. It just means you'll have a wider music taste and a more open mind.
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    Don't be rude! If you're rude people are going to get the impression that you're a wannabe or that all scenes are like that. It's bad enough if you make the transformation too soon and people see you as a poseur.
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    Don't label your music incorrectly either. Metalcore / Deathcore bands are not screamo and just because a band screams does not make them screamo.
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    Next is the hair. The hair is a big jump because it is your identity to scene. If your hair was a dark colour such as black or brown consider getting pink, red, green or blue streaks in it. If it was already a usual colour like turquoise or pink then great. It's your choice if you want to leave it like that. Don't go all full on rainbow back combed hair. In the next few months or so get it cut in to layers, start back combing and using hair spray. In the next few months you can start experimenting with different colours.
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    Get active! Scene love social networking and socializing. Creative an account on MySpace and Facebook. Post pictures of yourself online. Don't edit them because then that's not you.
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    Be yourself. If you don't want to do something, don't do it. Don't become scene because you want to meet "hot scene guys" either. This is entirely for your benefit so don't take advantage of this.
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    Understand. There are a few things to understand. You may grow out of it. You will not be scene forever and a lot of people think that scene shows immaturity. Just as long as you're not typing or acting like a typical scene you'll be fine. Emo has nothing to do with scene. Emo is a set type of music called emotive hardcore which is a sub genre of hardcore punk and a fashion style of messenger bags and thick rimmed glasses. Don't let anyone call you emo.
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    Play a sport. Some scenes enjoy a lot of sport. Try horse riding or archery.
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    Read manga. If you were reading Gothic novels like Dracula before then start reading manga and watching anime. If you don't like anime then don't. You don't have to stop reading Gothic literature either.


  • Do some more research on scene
  • Remember to buy accessories for your hair
  • Use hair care products as hair dye isn't good for your hair
  • Use dry shampoo on your hair, it will take away the greasiness and it will also give you more volume in your hair. Still bath everyday for a clean body. Wash your hair once a week and that will help it keep the colour in.
  • Sell your old Goth clothes and albums for new scene clothes and music.
  • The summer holidays is a good time to do this - well maybe half the transformation.
  • Use cute emotions such as 'c:' but don't go over the top or it looks completely fake.


  • You may lose your old Goth friends and gain new scene ones
  • You may be bullied.
  • You may be called a poseur

Things You'll Need

  • Hair spray
  • iPod for new scenecore music
  • Brightly coloured skinny jeans
  • Graphic band shirts
  • Accessories including hair bands and clips
  • Converse or fans (you can customize them)
  • Hair spray
  • Straighteners
  • Hair dye
  • Hello Kitty merch
  • An open mind
  • Fingerless net gloves in different colours

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