How to Go from Freak to Cool

Being a freak can sometimes be very fun. Sometimes you think you're a freak, but really, the only people making fun of you are the really weird and mean people. Sometimes it's fun to stand out. Before you change, remember to always be yourself. Maybe changing is not so good. You can just improve your appearance and try not to continue strange habits that could be getting you made fun of.


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    Make sure you have high self-esteem. If you don't, learn that everyone is different and that you can be proud of who you are. If you still can't seem to find friends, a counselor may be able to help. Friends help build self-esteem and even if your friends are freaks, they can help you a lot.
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    Do not get rid of your friends because they get made fun of or may get you made fun of unless they are the ones being mean.
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    Although it can be hard, act confident. Do not take it personally when people are mean. If they are really mean, who cares if you impress them, they don't care anyway. Try to ignore them, but tell a trusted adult if they harass you.
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    Try to get new clothes that are a little more in style. If you don't have much money, you can go to resale shops like Plato's Closet and Goodwill or cheaper stores for your clothes. If you can, go to the mall.
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    If you don't already like your face, wear a little makeup and make sure your face is always clean.
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    If you don't like your hair, try an up-to-date haircut and/or style.
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    Join more school groups to meet more people.
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    Stand straight and walk confidently.
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    Work on breaking unpleasant habits like picking your nose or others that are made fun of.
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    Almost most importantly, try to stay clean and shower daily.
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    ยค Just act mature and be yourself. Don't let other people make you sad. Just think you don't need to make fun of other people to make yourself feel better. Don't let others rule your life. Oh and one more thing make sure that you are nice to be around. Because if people enjoy being around you you will et more friends. Find people who like the same stuff as you. Good Luck!!!!


  • Eyeliner, mascara, and lip gloss are great for helping your face look a bit better(for girls), but don't overdo it. Learn how to apply make up correctly and effectively. For example: If you decide to put on some foundation, make sure your skin tone appears even under sunlight.
  • Be social. Talk to people - even the ones that you don't know well.
  • Try to keep up with trends.
  • Do not look ashamed of yourself or you will attract people that only make fun of you.
  • Always be yourself.
  • Try to get good grades and do homework. People can help you if you need it, but you don't have to get straight As. Try to get a lot of As and Bs, though.
  • Be careful about what you say.


  • Do not put on too much makeup. The point is to enhance your best facial features, not to show that you're wearing makeup.
  • You don't have to dress and act just like everyone else.
  • Don't annoy or stick too close to popular people. If you feel like they don't want you near, give them their space and they may be tolerant.
  • Do not do too much of a change unless you are sure you won't regret it.
  • Don't get rid of clothes until you know you don't need them.

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