How to Go from a 90% to a 95% in School

Are you a capable student that regularly gets above 90% grades? Congratulations! Using these steps, hopefully your mark will shoot up even further!


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    Aim for a 100%. Start doing this passionately but realistically. Don't let little mistakes slide, and make sure your assignments are done to the best of your ability. Don't spend hours and hours being a perfectionist either; just put in a little more effort than you normally would.
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    Use the Rubric. The importance of this can't be stressed enough. Make sure everything on the rubric is fully and correctly applied in your project or report. If "Creativity" is out of five marks, strive to make sure the creativity in the project is to your full ability.
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    Don't let the Seed of Doubt Escape. Sometimes, when you complete a project, you look at a certain part and have a tiny fractional doubt that you may have done it incorrectly. For example, in a Lab Report, you may have filled out a section in a graph incorrectly - but you're pretty sure you are right, so you let it go, thinking: "I'll only lose a few marks anyway, right?" Instead, grab the doubt, and make sure you fix it. Ask a teacher for revision to make sure you did it right. Check it over with a friend. Those little marks add up in the end.
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    Complete the End of the Semester gracefully. You may find yourself losing marks as you're in a rush to hand everything in, and the time is so busy and stressful. However, those marks count. Plan your work out evenly to ensure you will have enough time to produce quality work. Exams are another biggie - study, study, study! They are worth so much. The work you do at the end of the semester is often the work that is worth the most marks, so you don't want to let it slide.


  • When doing a worksheet, often there will be paragraphs of information beforehand. Use a highlighter and go through the readings with concentration until you understand it.
  • Fill out your planner with what assignments you have to work on daily (both in school and for homework). Use a red pen for anything that will be evaluated (marked) and pencil for extra homework and assessed work. Once you're done with the assignment, highlight with a yellow highlighter. Use a colored pen to add extra reminders. (ie. print at the library).
  • Keep your school supplies organized. This will prevent minor "Oh no, did I lose it?!" panic attacks.
  • Pay attention in class, and really try to absorb all the details. You never know when that random, not-in-your-notes question will pop up on a test or exam.
  • Even if you aren't currently getting 90's, you can still use these steps to bump any mark. For example, if you're getting 70's and are aiming for higher, than the steps above can also be used. Instead of aiming for a 100, aim for 80's.
  • Do your partnered work with smart, reliable people. It's understandable that you may want to work with your best friend, but working with someone smart ensures that both of you can check over and point out each other's mistakes. Also, if either of you are having trouble, it's easier to turn and ask for help. (and, if you're partner isn't very smart and you still want to get a good grade, you're going to end up doing most of the work).
  • Redo any assignments or tests that you can (if you got in the 80's).


  • While we're aiming for high 90's, there's nothing wrong with getting in the low. Actually, it's still brilliant, so don't be too upset!
  • Try not to compare yourself to others. While it can boost motivation, envy is also the number one cause of unhappiness.
  • Don't brag about your academic successes.

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